Does anyone use Symulin and an Insulin Pump?

Is there anyone out there that uses Symulin and an Insulin pump? I would like to know what your experience has been. How did you start, what adjustments did you have to make, and how are you dosing.

Thank you all in advance for your replies, and anything “I need to know” about Symulin as well. I know the basics and want some insight. :slight_smile:

I am not on the insulin pump but I am on Symlin. Make sure you start out on a low dosage and gradually increase the dosage on Symlin. When I first started it, it was making me very sick. It was so bad that I was taking pheneragin an hour before I ate and took the Symlin so I could keep the food down. Also make sure that you eat at least 30 grams of carbs per meal or you will be at risk of bottoming yourself out.

I was on Symlin for about 4 months. Had a huge prob with the nausea at the beginning, but after a month or so I started giving square-wave boluses with like 40% at the start and the rest over 2 hours. Honestly, I often noticed that I needed more insulin than usual for some reason once I was on the full type-1 dose of Symlin. Let’s say that normally I’d have taken 8 units for a particular meal, spiked at 200 or so and at two hours ended up at 120 and stayed there. Well, with Symlin I’d take the 8 with a square wave, spike at only 120 (that was so great!) and still be at 115 two hours later. Wonderful, right? But then… then… 4 or 5 hours after a meal I’d end up at 250 or even 300. So I’d end up having to take an additional 3 to 5 units to get that down, so I wasn’t too thrilled. If I’d have been able to stay on it longer, perhaps I would have figured out a better system, but I didn’t have lows, so it really seemed that I needed more insulin. Everyone else said they needed less, so maybe my body is just extremely weird.

I did notice that it decreased my appetite a lot, which was great. I need to lose a lot of weight and I found that very helpful. I had to stop Symlin because my insurance company didn’t consider it necessary and it would have cost me something like $120 a month, which I couldn’t afford. Now I live in Europe, where Symlin is not on the market at all (when I last checked they hadn’t even filed for approval with the EU, so it won’t be available here for a long time).

thank you. Very Helpful

Yes, I am “supposed” to be on Symlin and I am on an insulin pump. We started at 5u at each meal that consisted of >35carbs. We increased it by 5u about every week and a half until I reached 20u. (I know it is more than you are supposed to take but this is the correct amt the doc told me to do). I lost about 1-3lbs a week with it and it did help my diabetes. Not sure why I stopped…oh yeah! I don’t like SHOTS! I found these cool things called iPorts though…haven’t tried it yet. Also, my dietician told me to be careful b/c you are not supposed to take symlin if you have gastroparesis but mine wasn’t bothered by it at all.

Hi Happy, my name is Eir and I am a 1.5 diabetic. I was diagnosed three years ago and started on the insulin pump right away. I have become insulin resistant within the last year and have been struggling to get my aic down. My Dr. started me on metformin but it was upsetting my stomach so I just switched to symulin injections 1 wk ago. So far I have noticed that my post meal blood sugars are good but premeal and fasting blood sugars are high. I havent noticed any major side effects yet.My Dr warned me of the high blood sugars do to the 50% decrease in insulin dosing for meals. On tues I will increase symulin to 30u then 60u and we will see what happens. good luck hope to talk again soon.

I started taking symlin last year and it got off to a pretty rocky start. I was excited about what my doc was saying about it but for sure had a hard time with taking another shot (I’m on the pump, but still it’s the principle of the thing.) Another thing that made it hard was that my doc said that I had to take the shot about 15 min before I ate anything. I’m on a pump for crying out loud so I don’t have to do that sort of thing. Anyway after an on again/ off again relationship with my new drug I moved to vermont and my new doc said that I could take it just “before my first bite.” this changed things considerably. I have started to take it consistently everytime I eat more than just a snack and the results have been remarkable. for one thing I feel full during the course of the meal instead of really full after I have eaten everything on my plate and my wife’s plate that she didn’t eat, and my kids plates that they didn’t eat and leftovers. I’m a pretty big guy and can pack away the food. I use to get teased as the family garbage disposal. now they are teasing me because I am the first one with no more room for desert. Another thing that is happening to me is that I am loosing weight pretty consistently. I swim about three or four days a week but have stayed at a consistent weight over the last five or so years. since January I have dropped more than 30 pounds and I seem to shed more lbs. each day. Aside from the queesy stomach that I still get some times I think that I have adapted fairly well. The whole feeling full thing kinda blew me away, as a diabetic you cells are constantly telling you that they are starving and you body doesn’t have enough for them to make any energy. (science for dummies) and make no mistake I’m the dummy here)) I have been a diabetic since I was ten and can tell you that the first time I felt full before I was finishe with a meal was astounding. I find that my food energy lasts longer to, I don’t need those extra snacks to keep from bottoming out.

I use a pump and Symlin, but I don’t mix in the pump. I take 7U of symlin by syringe when I’m going to have a larger than 30g CHO meal. It does slow the absorption of food a lot. So, I usually lower my Bolus by a few units. If it says: 7.5 U for the meal, I would take it down a unit and a half. This is best done by you doing a number of tests after your meal.
I did feel a bit odd (Nausea) when starting this, but you do get used to it and it won’t happen so much after a few days.

i found this site cuz i was looking for symlin users. finally - happy has made me happy!!! i am 40 yr diabetic but silly me has never gotten on the pump. im looking at the omnipod & maybe will finally give it a whirl. i have been on symlin for exactly 1 yr. NEVER missed a shot. i lost about 10 lbs only & my a1c went from 11 to 7 to 9. i just had big fight w/ ins & just this week they did another prior approval. the best thing has been - i always joked about never feeling full or hungry - ever. but now the dr says i have to eat more cuz my body shuts off to save the fat or whatever. it is awesome to recognize hungry & full & to not munch out at nite or crave chocolate. i know insulin is a growth promoting hormone & i am on a big dose of lantus & humulog. so losing weight is really hard. in 92 i started walking 2 hrs a day & lost 50 lbs. i looked hot!! but i got a rock in my shoe & all downhill from there. i lost my leg but still did really well but then 3 yrs ago i lost the other one & that aint so swell. so no more long walks - but i do walk & drive a car - & i gained the 50 back & 40 more. im so excited to find symlin users that im really rattling on. lets start a group for symlin!! so bottom line - i think consistency is the key w/ symlin. 20 units before each meal up to 120 units a day. if i go on the pump, i know that will change alot. hope to keep this going. cheery love

I’ve been on an insulin pump for almost 6 years and on Symlin for about 6 months. It was a rocky beginning with nausea, dizziness and several lows in the 30’s. I have been adjusting my basal rates as well as adjusting my bolus amounts and timing (dual wave or square boluses). I initially began taking it for appetite reduction and weight loss. It has certainly helped my appetite but I have not lost any weight.

Truthfully, I’m a little disappointed with Symlin. It seems that it’s a LOT of effort for not much of a return (ie, checking bs more than 6x day, dealing with lows and then rebound highs, INJECTIONS (though it’s not too bad with the pen), and the sometimes dizziness/nausea). It did lower my A1c by 4/10’s of a point, but I believe that may be attributed to all the lows I had, not necessarily from better control. I think I may be able to manage my diabetes just as well on the pump alone. I have an appointment with my Endo next month and that may be my last dealings with Symlin.

I know that it has been WONDERFUL for other people, particularly those who struggle with insulin resistance and post meal highs. I would certainly recommend giving it a try and see how it works for you.

These are all so great

I have a love/hate relationship with Symulin. If you ever wondered what morning sickness feels like here is the chance. After slowly increasing the dosage and getting use to the new meds it is ok. I found I lost weight do to being nauseous after dinner and not wanting to eat/snack or that I was avoiding taking the Symulin by eating less than 30 grams of carbs. I have tried to go back to using it a couple of times, but I never saw great results. The balancing act between the carb ratio/insulin/symulin is difficult.

I had conversation about it this morning with my CDE, she wants be to try 1 more time when we get to winter (I tend to eat more carbs in the cold VT winters). She was ok with me dropping it for now.

You may want to check out the “Symlin User’s Forum” group which had some conversations on this topic.

I’m sorry for not understanding what you mean by this. if you take symlin with your meal when do you inject. I inject just before I start eating and I havent had any resulting lows that I couldn’t handle. I reduce my meal bolus to half of what it is without the shot. it concerns me that I might be at risk, could you please clarify

Hi Cheery. You sound like you have a great attitude with all that you’ve been through.The next time I feel discouraged I will think about you.I have been a type 1 for 23 years and just staryed on the pump in February 2008.It has been a wonderful tool to manage my blood sugars.I was on injections(I hate the word “shots”)for long time and stuck to a strict diet plan and still was only getting 8.0 for my A1C.Since being on the pump it has gone down to 6.5.Your lifestyle changes completely.I hope you can get on the pump.In Ontario the Government has finally decided to start covering pumps and supplies for type 1’s.The cost of putting someone on the pump as opposed to the cost of complications is small considering.I wish you the best of luck.I keep everyone on this site in my prayers.

i have question is symulin my endo doctor told me it not a insulin and i can’t have it… please help. thank you