Does the cold weather affect your blood sugar levels?

Every winter my numbers seem to rise and I can’t seem to figure out why. Now most peoples first thought is all the sweets that come along with the winter holidays but I can guarantee you that is NOT the case for me. I am not eating all that different than I do any other time of year.
My morning numbers are nearly always just over 200 first thing in the mornings and I take 100 untis of Levemir and a handful of pills before bedtime!!! I don’t get it and wondered if anyone else has the same confusing issue???
Any other time of year my numbers average 160 which i know isnt great but that’s beside the point right now. Do you also notice your numbers climb due to the COLD weather and then level back out during the summer.
(I’m from the Houston TX area so cold to me is below 45 F, I know I’m a sissy about the temps but I’m a native Texan.)

Thanks and God Bless.

I think it might be the psychological effects of shorter days too. Daylight savings seems to hit me harder every year as I’ve gotten older and makes me think that my body is more sensitive to time than perhaps I would like to think. I do ok in the winter but I switch from bicycling to running, which is ‘harder’ and seems to beat up my BG more?

I always have to bump up my basal rates after the cold weather hits and and drop it back in the spring when it gets warm again.