Weather and blood sugar

Ok so now that its becoming a little cooler out side i’ve noticed my bs levels have been in the highs. Is any one else having this phenomenon happen to them… I CALL IT… HIGH BLOOD WEATHER!..(thunder and lighting effect in background). Why do you think this happens if it does happen to others and not just me?


High Blood Weather. Great term. I have HBW also. I need more insulin in cooler weather & less in warm months. I wonder if it has to do with less daylight. Another possibility may be storing fat for cold months. More insulin=more fat. I really don’t know the reason, but those are my theories:) Would be interesting to know if non-diabetics produce more insulin in cold weather & about our cousins in year-round warm climates where the temp change isn’t as extreme.

It may also be the shorter days? Seasonal Afftective Disorder can be treated with lights so maybe there’d be an insulin enhancement to light? Oddly, we have had the nicest week of weather that I can remember here in Chicago. It’s still getting dark early though…

Well, I have LBcW - Low Bloodsugar (in cold) Weather, as I usually get more lows during autumn. The past two years have been horrible with 3-4 bad lows a day in this period of weather change. This year only slightly, as I now have the CGMS and can pay more closely attention to trends. Nevertheless, I’ve had a few lows the past couple of weeks between 23.4-34, for NO apparent reason at all, am just suddenly really low!

I also tried to start a discussion about this last year…

I too think it’s due to cold weather (and I live in Norway, so we have plenty of it :wink: but the weird thing is that it balances out over time, I don’t need to have lower basals all fall/winter, just for some weeks (assuming it’s as the weather is changing.)
I talked to my endo about it, and she’d only heard few complain about it, and if so they were similar to you, in needing more insulin! But she didn’t have any explanation for it…

Yes, same for me. Actually it got colder here (in the 50s during day, down in 30s at night) and I readjusted all my basals etc…and now for a week it’s been back in the 70s and 80s and I’m dropping low a lot.

I can’t win, lol.

Absolutely. I’m now running 125-150% temporary basals 24 hours a day waiting to be sure we’re not going to have temps back in the 90s before making a permanent change. Then in April-May it will be back to 75% until that weather pattern settles.