Does the Dexcom G6 transmitter buffer results?

Since I’m starting to use the Dexcom G6 sensors now, one of the things I’ve wondered about is if the Dexcom G6 transmitter buffers/saves results as the Medtronic CGM transmitters do.

With the Medtronic sensors, if your pump loses its connection to the transmitter then, after the pump reconnects, the transmitter will send not just the most recent CGM value, but also all the results saved while the pump was not connected to the transmitter. Does the Dexcom transmitter do the same thing?

I suppose I could just force a disconnection then reconnect and see what happens. But for some reason it just seems easier to ask. Alternatively, I’d look it up on the Dexcom site, but I haven’t been able to figure out where Dexcom hides that sort of information. :man_shrugging:

I am not sure if Dexcom G6 buffers or stores results or just connects the dots between missed readings. I do know that if I forget my Dexcom receiver in a room far enough to lose signal for over 20 minutes, I will hear the loss signal alarm after 20 minutes. When I go to the receiver, there will be about 5 dots missing, each dot representing 5 minute lack of signal. These missing dots, however, will backfill (fill in) after a few minutes. I am not sure if this information is what you are looking for.

It does save 20 or 30 min cause I’ve lost connection and had it back fill later on.

It’s better than that. The transmitter can backfill 3 hours worth of missed data. Page 115 of the user guide.


Thanks. I am sure I never would have stumbled across that brief reference if left to my own devices.

I am somewhat surprised that it’s only 3 hours. When Medtronic introduced the Enlite they bumped their buffer up to 8 hours (96 readings at 5 minutes per reading). On the other hand, Medtronic’s transmitter signal is weak and it is easy for the pump to become disconnected during sleep (for example).

Yes, I have noticed successful G6 buffering for up to 2 hours of missing data.

It seems the “current value” is always sent first and then usually just a little later the fill-in for earlier missed data occurs. But other times I’ve seen it take several 5-minute cycles of “current value” before all the past missing data have been filled in.

I have a suspicion the buffering may not be longer than 2 hours but have not conclusively tested it.

I also have a suspicion that the fill-in happens more frequently/reliably when the transmitter has a less-used battery. Near the 100th day the fill-in of missing data seemed particularly slow but that may have been due to other reasons.

I keep digital user manuals installed on my phone. I can quickly find whatever I want in them with a search. :slight_smile:

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