Does this happen to you?

I’ve noticed recently that I break out into a sweat when my BG levels go below 100. My question is… Is it normal for your body to react that way even when you are within “Normal” range like that? I just now broke out into a sweat for no reason… tested and the reading was 97 :o) Used a different meter and it read 84.

It just seems weird… since from what I understand these are normal readings.

This happens to me too. Mostly if I get stressed while I am at work. All of a sudden I feel like im boiling over. Still don’t know what exactly causes this though.

Hi Josh. I’ve not been up over 200 lately… been running highs of 178 shortly after eating… but I dont’ have meds to help control that… So I’m really careful what and when I eat. I wonder if this is my body is just having a hard time settling in to “hey! this is normal… deal with it” LOL

Funny… I’ve had these for some time now… getting older you know… thought it was my time for grey hair and mental-pause. lol

This happens to me a lot mostly because my body is used to being in the high 200’s and yea it kinda sucks because im quick to think im low and try to solve the problem…

Dear Sylvia

It happened to me once at 90 my hand was shaking a bit. i think the problem is all the new meters that use 5 second measurement time are very inaccurate. Probably your reading of 97 was total nonsense and the other meter of 84 was still reading too high. and that reality was in the 70’s which would cause hot and sweaty.

LOL I have every meter under the sun! I even tested with the onetouch ultra II and it was in between the two.

anything near 90ish or so has me shaking. I have my CGM set to alert at 95.

I heard from my hypertension psychologist that some of his patients did not like anything below 120. I could be if the BG are high for a long time the body gets used to that and does not like it lower. My is somewhat unhappy below 70. Again is it hard to know for sure since the meters are so inaccurate.

Well, I’m happy to know that I am not the only one. My poor hubby hates it when I make him test (he doesn’t have any trouble) so I can see what “normal” looks like. LOL

ha ha ha… I guess I’m finally getting him back for chasing me around when we were first married… he was always trying to “poke” me.



Oh us men are all the same, whenever we like something we try to capture it then we want to poke it. It is our hunter poker instinct.


LOL! So that is what they call it… hunter poker instinct? ha ha ha ha ha

I get this when Im lower than normal sometimes. A really icky feeling :-/

I agree. I really don’t like to sweat at all.

:smiley: I used to be hypo… But when I would get a low… my cheeks would get numb and I would feel really weak. I had the sweating thing too I guess but I must have just chalked it up to getting older.