Endo Appointments

My husband and I have been together for 11 years. I have always tried to take cues for him on how to best support him. Recently I don’t think he has been testing very often. I don’t look at his meter behind his back, just a hunch. Does asking about testing or reminding him about testing fall on the side of being a nag? I worry about him a lot, because I think I’m pretty good about recognizing when he is in a funk. Sometimes I don’t care if I come off as the nagging wife if it gets him to take care of himself. I would love to hear others’ take on this…Thanks!

In the past, I’ve been defensive about letting my beloved know my numbers – especially when I’m in a funk. That being said, part of my challenge this year has been to let people be a part of my diabetes life. I’m learning to appreciate that C has a vested interest in my well-being. It’s also nice to feel that I’m not the sole bearer of the burden. Sometimes, C spots a trend that I don’t. If it were me (whether I’d admit it or not), I would appreciate the extra help. Have you tried coming up with a game plan together? It’s hard as a person with diabetes not to feel like it’s entirely your own responsibility. Maybe you could broach it as the diabetes thing is a team effort since you live your lives together. C’s approach at times:" You seem kind of funky…how are your blood sugars doing?"

I am more than willing to approach it as a team, so I’ll see where his comfort level. Thanks so much for the perspective!

I’ve always been the diabetic that gets irritated when people “nag” me about what i’m eating or how my sugars are. However, at the same time, i realized that it’s their way of caring. Not only that, i NEED people checking in on me. So…even though he may get annoyed, I would say check on him. He’ll know it’s only b/c you love him. He especially needs it if he isn’t taking care of his diabetes.