Dogs and Endocrinologists

Dogs and Endocrinologists

A few dogs who chosen to live with us over the years. Festus the Bassett Hound used to lay in the back yard with his snot submerged in his water bowl up to his nostrils and occasionally take a slurp in order to get a drink. While he laid in the shade with his snot somewhat submerged he would allow rabbits, squirrels, and other rodents to run past, while he barley flinched almost like he sort of liked the company. I believe that if they had wanted they could have shared the water, without Festus being too upset. He was after all not much of a chaser.

Now of course he did get upset once. I have no knowledge of why. But one day he jumped up and ran to the fence to bit a friend of mine’s leg. The last I saw Festus he was running out of the car to his new home at the basset hound stud farm. He seemed energized.

Norman was a stray that come into our life after being found in the middle of a busy street. He had a passion for running away and after several times of tracking him down, he found a way to escape to well who knows where. Normal was a small black puddle mix who loved sleeping on the stairs. I literally saw him climb the steps, stop take a nap wake up and then proceed to the top. Besides being enamored with running away he was also fond of chasing other dogs regardless of size. I once chased him for five blocks and when I found him he was so tired form running I thought he might expire. The lab he was chasing looked at me like would you please make him go away. She of course had hardly broken a pant.

Festus and Normal remind of my two latest dogs. Addie the adventure dog (a cocker spaniel), who spent her days wondering her environs until she came to live with us. She loved to run and was active her entire life. She loved a walk and to play and to sit beside us if we felt sad. Unfortunately, Addie the adventure dog developed Addison’s disease and had to be put down. She was a marvelous dog.

Which brings me to Samantha, our current dog, who is also a cocker spaniel, and who like Addie the adventure dog likes to play catch, well mostly keep away. Samantha is very concerned about my diabetes. If I am low she is around, if she thinks I am ill she is around. She likes he belly scratched and sleeping, but she also enjoys curling up beside you, if you are feeling low or if you need some special attention.

Which brings me to endocrinologists, have you ever noticed that a good endocrinologist is like a good dog? They hang around even when things go wrong. They give you sympathy if times are tough and don’t mind playing hard if you are in the mood to make some big changes. Just the same an ineffective endocrinologist seems to pass out of your life pretty quickly even if they mean well. Also not all endocrinologists work for all people. Mine might work for me and yours for you but not all work out for everyone. Just the same when you find a good one it pays to stick around because the best ones can do a lot of good.



Hmm, interesting how you have compared your dogs to Endos. Doesn't quite work in my case, because I left my Endo when I left my pump to return to MDI.

Once I had a Mini Wirehaired Dachsie, Wendy (photos on my Profile Page). She was meant to be a show dog, but didn't quite make it -- her snout was too "fine". Good thing, because Conformation or Breed showing is supposed to show off dogs of breeding quality, and she developed Epilepsy (genetic) mid-life. Her seizures were minor, but I tried to be with her when they happened, to help her get oriented again afterwards. She repaid the favor by alerting me at night, by barking whenever I was high or low. As her sense of smell left her in old age, my Golden Retriever, Aggie, would go over to Wendy's airline crate (always open) and bang on the top as much as to say, "Bark, Wendy, Alert!" But Aggie would never alert me herself. Wendy's gone, but sweet old Aggie is still with us.

You cant beat a wonderful animal in your life. Our Samantha barely barks but she is the nurse of the house. True she never helps out, but she is always ready to show compassion. LOL