Doing great

Things sure have changed since April. My fasting has been steadily getting better. This morning it was 93. I don't remember it ever being that low since I started testing. Changing the site made a world of difference, but it isn't the only reason.

About the same time I started using the app myfitnesspal to track my food intake. I have always thought that I couldn't eat potatoes, rice, fruit, etc. Course I did anyway, and other things because everyone knows diabetics can't have carbs. So like a good stupid little person I rebelled and ate what ever I wanted.

I not only tracked my food intake but started weighting and measuring. According to the app, most days I don't eat the 1200 calories I am allowed. I have only lost 2 pounds in the last 2 months, but that wasn't my goal. Getting my blood sugar under control was, and that seems to be working right now.

I found I can eat fruit, as long as I don't eat a lot of it. I am using the ADA portion guidelines to quickly "guess" the carb count. I have been on and off food exchange diets since 1959, so I have a good idea of what a portion is. I've found I can eat a lot of foods I had told myself I couldn't eat.

I eat a 15 carb snack before bedtime. I think it helps to keep my fasting blood sugar down.

I also pay attention to what my stomach is telling me. When I start to feel full, I stop. Not stuffing myself, even with protein, is also helping me with control. All in all, I'm doing great right now. Am anxious for next doctor's appointment to see what A1C is now.

good for you :)

Wow! That is great. I have started using the app Lose it, and I find that I can have most of what I want, but in moderation - a new concept of what moderation is, however. It is so much easier with all the new products that have been developed in the last twenty years, and with the good labeling on food. YAAAA!