Well I got some great news the other day - 7.5 A1C reading! Now I know this isn’t stellar and I still have a ways to go but considering my last result was a 9.3 I was pumped to get this result.

The main 2 reasons my results have gone down so much were 1) I started logging EVERYTHING on www.SugarStats.com. I gave trusted logins to my wife, nutritionist, and endo so I know at any point they could check in and see what I’ve been eating. Now of course I could cheat and just not log when I ate something bad, but they all know that I’m logging constantly and could question me about times when I haven’t logged for a while. 2) A week and a half before the A1C test I started NutriSystem. Now I know that it is considered a “Fad Diet” and is not a long term solution, however I needed something to kickstart me back in the right direction. I have been amazed! I take Novolog shots but I dose based on an insulin to carb ratio just like when I was on the pump so a lot of my highs or lows are dependent on how well I count the carbs I’m eating. The fact that every single piece of food that I stick in my mouth has a label on it that tells me how many carbs I’m eating is HUGE! It takes out the guess work. I can’t wait till my next A1C when I’ve been doing NutriSystem longer. According to SugarStats, since I’ve started NutriSystem my average BG level is 107! The combination of logging and accountability and taking out the guesswork from carb counting has really helped me and I feel like I am finally back on the right track.

Congratulations Kyle!

I just got my results too and I went from 9.2 to 7.3! Big fat Internet knucks going out to you my man!..Don’t it feel good to control the beast and have that proof come back from the lab? Lets keep it up brother and we’ll be in the 6’s in no time!! Woooohoooo!

Congrats to BOTH of you!! This is GREAT news!!!

Congrats on getting those numbers down, Kyle!!

Congrats to all, one day mine will be where yours are!

Big congrats, Kyle! I too use Sugarstats.com and log everything. It really helps to be able to see what works and what doesn’t.