Doing much better

I'm doing a lot better the last day or so. I think just posting here has helped a lot. I still have some stress eating problems, but BGs are within the guidelines.

I know some people would recommend staying as long as possible, but at my age, 72, I don't know that I really want to. My goal is to keep my pre meal BG in the 120s if at all possible. I still have work to do, but things are getting better.

I am so glad you feel better Ila, keep up the good work and if you get to go home I for one am rooting for you.

why don't you join our chat room, you'll love it.

Was in the chat room earlier this morning.

Ila we loved having you as well. I hope you had some fun.

Thanks Rick. It was fun while I could participate. Haven’t tried it on my iPad yet.