Doing Good

Well DD’s numbers are doing great. In the last week she has only had 2 numbers above 199. This is a great achievement for her. The Dr. has decided that she will leave her plan as is for right now. She told me to watch for trends of her numbers going up. So far she has been in the low hundreds and sometimes dipping below.
DH’s numbers are doing better after Dr. putting him on Novalog and Januvia. He is just getting over a cold so he is waiting for the numbers to come back down. He hasn’t lost any weight lately. In fact since starting this new job (he lost at first) but has now put the weight back on.
I am changing how I cook at home. I am cooking more from a Healthy cook book w/lots of veggies, we still have some Starches, but not as much. I personally would like to loose weight so that I will feel better. I am going to make a Dr. appointment for christmas break so that I can see what my hormone levels are doing and cholesterol etc. Lately I have been feeling like crud. No energy, tummy aches (in my liver and pancreas area) Over the summer I had acute pancreatitis and my liver function was not good. I had Gallstones and Gallbladder disease from Pregnancy. I am wondering now if some of the damage is still there, or if it is something else now. (I had my Gallbladder out, the whole experience was HORRIBLE). But I am just babbling now. SO I am going to go and eat lunch.