Donating Insulin

I’ve had great insurance over the years and now have more insulin that I know what to do with.

I also hear so many stories of people who are deeply struggling financially and can’t get humalog to survive.

Anyone have suggestions for ways to donate insulin? I’m sure there are regulatory issues with it… but silly for it to sit in my fridge.

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Insulin For Life takes donations in the US and sends it abroad. It takes an act of Congress to donate within the US for US usage. That said, your local diabetes society or low income medical clinic could probably help you disburse it to those who would benefit the most.

Make sure that you preserve a descent stockpile…just in case. Things might be a bit uncertain where you are at. If we see case spikes in the Fall, people will start stockpiling again, leading to short term shortages in supply.

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guilty…as charged (poster person [with a mask] of insulin hoarding)