Don't Judge before knowing

Yesterday there was an open house at my school and I was not nervous I didn’t expected something either bad or good at all, about my report card this month. Just as always I got nines in most of my subjects…maybe there were 2 eights but I really hate French and History class! Ha! who doesn’t?

What really surprised was the reaction of my mom when the teacher told her I wasn't eating well and that my sugar goes down very often. My mom was MAD because she was ashamed the teacher told her that in front of others! I was you think the teacher knows how I manage my diabetes? Do you think she knows I've been doing exercise more often recently? Do you really feel ashamed for that?!

She said yes because she didn't want others to think she doesn't take care of me and I asked her if she really believed that because lets be honest my mom is an angel! she is always there for me! I told her that the others have NO right to think that way because:

One: they don't understand my lifestyle

Two: As they don't fully understand what it is like to have diabetes, they obviously don't know how to take care of someone with it!

Three: Others have NO right to judge you before they know you and if someone judges you don't let that affect you cause the person they think they know is someone completely different to you.

My mom recognized I was right and what it concerns to my teacher...I'll recommend her my website...ha! bye!!!

your teacher is a poop!

This is why the need for education of the populous! People who don’t know jack are making judgements on us and our family members based on not knowing squat. And even other diabetics who don’t know what they are talking about make those same judgements. How wonderful that you and your mom have such a great relationship, and that you could talk to her about her feelings and about your teacher’s lack of knowledge. AND good for you for the great grades. You rock!

The teacher was out of line. Good for you for standing up for yourself. You really seem to have it all together.