Double DD Day

Today I get to see the Diabetes Doctor (not his official title). I’m primed with my list of questions to ask. I have printouts of my logs and graphs from my One Touch software and Sugar Stats. And - I’m as nervous as all hell. I’m plain ol’ scared.

It’s not because of my doctor. He’s been very pleasant and patient with me. It’s because I don’t have a diagnosis, and it’s becoming a major issue for me. It’s the first thing everyone asks me. My dietitian doesn’t know how to feed me because I don’t have a diagnosis. My doctor has wanted me to wait, and I kinda understand that. I could see why he would want to see how things developed over time, as my D was caught pretty much immediately due to the cortisone. I also know that doctors prefer to err on the conservative side, as they don’t want to cause confusion, give false hope or cause unnecessary anxiety (or be sued).

I’m just utterly fed up and frustrated right now. My two big issues are:

  • not having a diagnosis
  • my late morning hypo

I need to get these two issues solved pronto, and that means that I have to force the issues with my doc. I’m nervous about the potential confrontation about it.

it’s very good you are going prepared, Megan. That alone will show them you are serious Good luck, and tell us how it went!