Ok friends... the time is today

The Tricare ins. is in and I’ve got my first dr appt in years set for this afternoon at 4:30pm. I’m as nervous as a “cat on a hot tin roof!” ugh!
I’ve printed out my SugarStats.com daily and graphs to bring with me. Along with Stephen and 6 kids to sit in the lobby.
ahh… this is going to be ummm… interesting?
I did spend some time searching the Tricare book to choose a
“young dr” so that hopefully, I’ll get better info etc…
Did I say I was “nervous”? hmmm… that is putting it mildly.
I wanna run away. I feel like this is the final plunge into being labeled… and down here in the “good ole south” where stereo typing is the norm.; I’m gonna get blasted.
So, “pump me up for the big failings today.” yuck.
I guess this will be my “official dx of diabetes?”

Good luck, ML, I’m glad you’re going. You’ll be fine. Just listen carefully and do your best to manage… We’ll be thinking of you.

Good to hear you’re finally making the plunge. I suggest you tell your doctor exactly how you are feeling (e.g. nervous, anxious, whatever) so that they know you are apprehensive about all of this. That should give the doctor an idea of how to go about treating you. You might also want to mention your past experiences so that they know why you feel this way.

Good luck.

Good luck to you! I’m sending positive thoughts your way.

I’m glad you’re taking charge of this. Good luck, and I hope you get a sympathetic doctor.

Good luck. Being nervous is normal. Will be thinking of you.

Good Luck MeadowLark - it is great that you are going. Just remember, your doctor is there to help you with a treatment plan…not judge you…

ok here goes everything… walking out the door with my diet soda in hand:P and a picture of me from doing the one word written on myhand for tudiabetes. :slight_smile: I’m gonna
introduce my dr!

I too live in the South but I really don’t think the ppl here labled me since the 90’s started! If you get to the Dr I don’t think he will blast you for anything. He will be thankful you got in there and desided to do something about your health. If he does tell him you thought that might be the problem but you wanted to be sure about it so you could be around for your kids. If their all setting in the wating room he will see why! Good luck to you and I hope everything goes OK for you!