Double dose of Basaglar, WWYD?

Some horrendous parental miscommunication lead to the 7yo getting a double dose of Basaglar last night, one at 8pm and the other at 11pm.

I realised it almost immediately. I had some data from forgetting a long acting dose a few months back, and figured he’d need about 80g over the course of the night. Lined up the jubes, double checked the published profile of Basaglar, and settled in for the long haul. Went in every 1.5 - 2h to test and get a sleeping boy to eat 1 - 3 sweets; luckily 7yo’s can literally do that in their sleep. Crawled in to bed at 6.30am, mumbling something about a reduced breakfast dose to my husband.

It’s my first time babysitting a long-acting OD, and that was the best plan I could come up with intuitively.

He’s fine, we’re all fine. What would you have done? Is there a proper/published way to do these things? Mostly I’m just sitting here wishing CGMs were more accessible in my country.

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You did all one could do under the circumstances. You both survived!

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Good job, @Maske86. That error does happen from time to time. It even happens to adults who are not subject to parent-to-parent communication snafus. Good for you for realizing your mistake so quickly!

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Are you using a pen?

Get a very large pill holder, and put the pen needle packs into the pill holder.

Like this:

If you are using twice-per-day injections, get a double pill holder like this:

And if you are using syringes, find something more like this:

And then only use the pen needles or syringes from your holder, and the problem won’t happen again.


That is exactly how I have handled such things in the past. Well done.

I would recommend a Timesulin cap if you have a pen. Simpler than other methods, and lets you know when the last injection was.

For a 7 year old, that was definitely the most responsible thing to do.

As an adult who definitely did that a few times before starting a pump, that meant a great indulgent day of eating all the “forbidden”, difficult to bolus for foods, because you’ve got an entire day basically of extended bolus working. Cold pizza for breakfast, cheeseburger and fries for lunch, and cheesecake with dinner! LOL