Double rising arrow with foods

Foods that typically are safe for me to eat are causing my bloodsugar to rise rapidly. I tried increasing the carb ratio to no effect. I know my basal is set properly. I never used to get a double rising arrow. Maybe it has something to do with my age. I am 54 y/o and on a medtronic 630 and dexcom g6. The rising and falling is making me feel sick. Has anyone had the way food that normally works now find that they can’t eat it any more. Like this morning I was 4.7 and had 1/3 of a cup of orange juice. It double rose to 9.3. I usually never get a double rising arrow. It is doing it with everything that I eat. Please help!

Orange juice will do that. It does with me. However it’s always done that with me. I’m also 54 incidentally.
Did you just start cgm? Because your experience sounds normal to me.

However if you are LADA diagnosed late in life your beta cells die off slower. And maybe that’s the case. You are losing insulin production. And noticing that quicker jump.
I had fast onset at 21 and I had zero beta cell pretty quickly.

Agreed that double arrows up sounds normal with orange juice, which is why it’s great for treating lows, but not something I’d otherwise ever have.

That said, if it’s happening with everything, you can try taking your mealtime insulin earlier. Do you prebolus before meals (i.e., take your meal dose maybe 30 min before eating, exact timing depending on the food and your body, could be 20-45 min, depending)? Most of us need to do that, at least for carby things.

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No, I have been a type 1 insulin dependent since 1985, 35 years. Orange juice didn’t act like that or any other foods that I usually consume. Source yogurt with sucralose is now making me rise with double arrows. It used to be a slow rise. I never ate anything that I knew bothered my bloodsugar to that extent. I really wish I knew the reason why it is doing this. I have been on a cgm since the 95 came out.

I never prebolussed before unless it was something I knew would affect me quicker. I would never get double arrows when treating a low. I was always careful not to overcompensate.

Just out of curiosity, when did you go on the Dexcom G6? The reason I ask is because when I upgraded from the G5 to the G6 I found the algorithm to be a lot more aggressive and continuously reading well above finger stick vs G5 which was less aggressive and continuously reading below finger stick which is really a double whammy in my case. I like the G6 much better as I can better manage alarms, especially low alarms, however, I do occasionally get double arrows up which never happened with G5. This may not be the case for you but just giving you my experience based on the transition from G5 to G6


I have been on the g6 for about a year

I go through phases like this.
It could be HOW the delivery is administered.
You could pre-bolus, but be cautious of post meal lows.

This is the first time this has happened to me since I started been pumping in 2008. My taste buds seem to be a bit stronger. Everything seems to taste stronger than what it is. For example my sugarfree yogurt tastes sweeter than usual. It is made with sucrolose and I used to eat it three times a day. My stomach hasn’t been feeling all that great since this has happened.

Your dosages never change, Dee? That’s so interesting. I have to think thats unusual. Does it have to do with pandemic isolation somehow? Activity level?

I have been consistent with what I eat and my dosages even during covid. Even activity levels are the same. This just started about 3 days ago. I also started needed a smaller basal rate at lunch. I was using .075 at 9 am until 3pm. So I changed it to .050 with ¹bigger bolus. and a higher carb ratio and today I fell to an urgent low. I really need to see my educator but I can’t until December 9. I am left with trial and error to see what works. My carb ratio was1:13 so I just put it to 1:14.

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If you wanna run some tests and post the data, maybe we can help make some educated guesses in the meantime. Or, brainstorm, or do some double checking on what your own intuition is.

Tedos_sheet.xlsx (10.2 KB)

DEE_sheet.xlsx (11.4 KB)

What is happening to me with my bloodsugar is so unusual.

Hormonal, maybe? I hate mystery variables. I just started calling them diabetes black magic.

I don’t know. This happened very suddenly. If it was hormonal it would have happened before now. At supper I had accidentally bolussed almost double. I should have done 1.40 but did 2.40. I still had the double rising arrows. I only had a cabbage roll and small potato and a sugarfree yogurt. I t went up to 11.7. I have been doing alot of crashing and it is taking a toll on me. I can"t see any medical professional and I can’t do this over the phone. I am feeling very desperate right now.The only way I can control this is by not eating, except for when I’m low.

You will prolly have to change your diet. This has happened to me from the get go. I had to eliminate a lot of things. I still get plenty of that even without any food. I raise basal a lot which helps stem the rise.

You can eat but not things like oj, potatoes etc. Eating lower carb, non starchy stuff will help. And it could be a digestion issue. Are you finger sticking to confirm it is actually happening? It could be your thyroid as well.

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Oooooh, tricky one, Dee. Your barley eating anything.
This happens to me with some frequency, though.

If the bolus makes severe lows post meal, sometimes I just bump up the basal.
Even though it might be too much basal, and I might need to have a snack periodically, I find its better, for me, because it helps avoid those really severe post meal lows (which can be brutal). Its a ‘softer’ low, I guess. It drifts in slowly and is less severe and easier to deal with. It helps me adapt to taking a more reasonable amount of bolus.

This isn’t a gasteoparesis thing, is it?

This is just post meal crashing? Or, at other times? How long after eating does this happen - 2 hours or 4?

It first started with my 9pm tp 12am period where I was going low so I adjusted my basal from 9to 12a I was at .025 so I adjusted it to 0 basal for those hours. Then my 9am basal to 3pm basal was at .075 and I was dropping from 12p to 3p needing carbs to bring me back up. I adjusted the rate there to .050 which seems to be better. I am confirming these numbers with a fingerstick. Now when I eat I always seem to get double rising arrows even with increased bolus. I was always eating Source yogurt with no issues now when I eat it I get double arrows. It has sucralose. I have been eating it for years. It is not hormonal. I tried everything I changed my site, cartridge. I have been able to eat sugarfree puffed wheat with soy milk and vegetable beef soup with no issues. My digestion is ok. I am already taking levothyroxine for my thyroid. My D doctor had recently reduced it. I need to see my diabetes educator or a diabetes doctor.

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Could you be sick? Immune changes could (temporarily) alter your insulin resistance.