Double rising arrow with foods

No I’m not. I spoke with the educator over the phone. She suggested prebolussing 10min before meals. She could see my dexcom account and look at my graphs. So I did that before my lunch (which I had at 130pm cause my tummy felt so yucky. I figured food might help although I didn’t want anything. So I prebolussed and ate 1 can Chunky Vegetable Beef soup and I had a yogurt no added sugar. I didn’t get the double rising arrows this time which surprised me. I still feel yucky but I am hoping that things will start working like they did before this episode. I probably wont eat again until 6pm.

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No I haven’t been having any gastroparesis symptoms. My dexcom starts rising at the 15 mi ute mark and I don 't go high a few hours later. I have been having regular bowel movements.

I don’t know what is going on but I hope you get it figured out soon. If it were me I would eat smaller lower carb meals and adjust insulin as needed. Hopefully your doc/ nurse will have some advice that may help.

Sounds like the pre-bolus helped. If you feel sick it could be digestive issues.

Yesterday was a good day. I got 90% on target. I was prebolussing 10min before eating and eating smaller meals and not panicing went it went high. I was high before and I am sure that the highs won’t affect me much, as long as it goes down. Letting it go down slowly I think is the solution. This morning I slept in until 7am. (I usually get up at 6 am) and had a 4.5. I couldn’t prebolus and only ate 3/4 of my sugarfree puffed wheat w/ soy milk. I got the double rising arrows and right now it is slowly rising at 12.5mmol. I am sure it will come down slowly once I go about my day. My tummy is feeling a bit better.

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Sounds better, I hope it continues to improve.

Bad news! Back to feeling really crappy. Nausea, body aches, joints hurt, chills and fatigued. I am eating very little. I haven’t vomitted, but I felt close a few times. It seems to be bad after I eat my puffed wheat cereal in the morning. My head get stuffy and my brain hurts. My teeth are also sensitive. Those are my symptoms. I know what gastroparesis feels like and this isn’t it. I don’t understand it, I was feeling a bit better yesterday. Can anybody offer any advice? It seems almost impossible to see a doctor.

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It sounds like gastroenteritis and a touch of something else maybe. I would eat soft easy to digest food like Jell-O yogurt and stuff fluids until you feel better and get to a doctor if you can otherwise just try to treat as needed with increased basal etc. I hope you feel better soon :hugs:

I am also feeling very nauseous and I have been for the past three or four days on and off. today I’m just staying in bed, I managed to eat something and took some Pepto-Bismol. If it gets better I will be out raking more leaves LOL.

I don’t have a fever or diarrhea. I know they say not to diagnose yourself on the internet but I notice that the stomach pain was worse after eating my puffed wheat cereal. I am wondering if it has to do with gluten? I have been eating very small meals. I hope you start feeling better too. Let me tell you, it’s not fun. Prayers & Hugs!:heartpulse:

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Yes it is awful :crying_cat_face: that is good you don’t have a fever etc. Have you reacted badly to gluten in the past? Maybe think about trying a gluten-free diet for a while and see if it helps. But anyway I think for any type of stomach / digestive problems it is a good idea not to eat things like cereal because cereal is not easy to digest. :hugs: :two_hearts:

I ate a piece o whole wheat toast and didn’t have the same reaction so my assumption is probably incorrect. I increased my basal rates. I am doing 125%
Normal ly I would go low. This isn’t the case. I have to do an a1c bloodtest this week. Should I still do it even though I am not feeling well? How are you doing? This is something I have never had before.

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I am better today, or was, but still taking it easy so whatever is going on can get better. That is odd the toast did not spike you. I hope you continue to feel better. I am not sure about the a1c, if it was just a few spikes it may not make much of a difference. I am overdue for my next one, but in no hurry to get it, but I do need the bw prolly.

I have been bolussing more than my normal dose for food. The toast would’ve spiked me if I had’nt taken measures.

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You sound like you have a virus of some kind. That would be consistent with sudden higher insulin needs, vs gluten sensitivity which seems unlikely to be sudden onset. Also viruses can get a bit better than a bit worse before improving, and they can come with basically any set of symptoms, including all sorts of weird stuff like teeth sensitivity or whatnot. I would just do what you can to take care of yourself, monitor your pulse ox if you can, and get a COVID test if you can to be careful. I know folks whose COVID started with similar symptoms, so you can’t rule it out just because you don’t have a fever, diarrhea, or cough.

When I had covid pneumonia my bg was crashing nearly the whole time. Not everyone spikes when they are sick or have a virus. A lot of the time my bg is my “normal” when I am sick.

Good thing you figured out how to bolus it, keep doing that for your food and increase basal as needed.

As we age with T1, covid /election stress, sleep issues, change of season, hydration, I have found myself insulin resistant more and more. SLEEP is major!
If I do not sleep 6 hours, my BGs are horrible the next day.

Things that used to work, do change . Good to make sure the CGM is accurate, the insulins absorption is good ( change infusion set more often ?) I was on pump 25 year and switched to pens 1 year ago. My endo said I lost ability to absorb with pump. I love the pens and could inject anywhere in body and assured I am getting the insulin!
Hope these thoughts help/
Hang in there!