Dr Irl Hirsh--2013 rant


"The concern is that the innovation in diabetes therapy we have enjoyed over the past three decades will fade away. "

Interesting find Tia, although quite depressing. Many of us wondered if a cure would be afordable for everyone in the Diabetic population but Endos closing off their practices to Diabetics? That is a hard one to swallow. Hopefully Dr. Irl Hirsh won't be in need of a rant in 2014. For all our sakes.

Wow, that is an eye opening look at this disease from the clinicians point of view!

Until someone can use the data to illustrate the "penny-wise, pound foolish" practices illustrated by Dr. Irl Hirsch, more rants will be needed.

This is one of the most depressing articles I have ever read... Money truly is the root of all evil, is it not?

Painful to read this coming from one of the leading endocrinologists in the US.

We need more advocates! More of US, patients willing to take on making noise, pushing the buttons that need pushing: until there is a large number of US making pressure to affect policy change, things like what Irl Hirsch describes will only continue getting worse.

Who's in??

I will gladly do whatever I can. I’m afraid things will only gets worse if we don’t start fighting this.

Ideas on how/where to start?

Where to start for sure tiaE. As a newly diagnosed PWD I’m a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. Had a minor meltdown this morning and thought maybe I really don’t have diabetes, maybe it’s going away? As only you guys know, it’s tiring. Fighting to get a proper diagnosis. Trying to understand the complexities of blood sugar control. Walking out of the docs office with a prescription and feeling like I’m on my own. I did get my current endo (a U of M research doc) to HEAR me at least after several appointments so trying to make a dent for those of us gradual onset T1’s, but not sure what else to do…