Hello fellow t2ders!

As a brand new member of this group, I thought I would offer a little background on my diabetic perspective. I fancy myself as a t2d activist of sorts, though I haven’t transmitted any of my rants thru the conventional channels so far - that is, to my elected representatives, diabetes association (mine being the Cdn Diabetes Assoc.) or even other websites. I have a blog with many entries, some quite angry and raw, showing frustration common to many no doubt. I use bad words in my blogs, so be forewarned if you decide to be one of the first to read them.

I’m not trying to offend or shock people, but I am trying to add a perspective not often seen on these websites, or heard in meeting, or found in magazines or brochures. I fully understand that I do a better job of controlling my t2d if I have a positive attitude, build on successes however small, and avoid negative self-talk. I get that, but I’m not a natural born cheerleader.

However, there are issues and situations and attitudes that, IMHO, need to be questioned, analyzed, and yes, attacked. I’ll start with one I’ve never seen anyone else express: I think that t2d is so different from t1d that each should have their own forum, activists, discussions, and battles. T2d issues are not the same as t1d issues. I think all diabetics have been lumped in together because the industry - the drug and equipment makers - consider us as one big fat juicy target group, and they just want to sell drugs, test strips, meters, more test strips, insulin, needles, lancets, socks, etc. If you look at most websites out there now in the NA market at least, they are run, sponsored, initiated, and controlled by the drug and equipment makers, sometimes overtly and sometimes covertly.

Of course, the drug and equipment makers are no worse in their sneaky approach than the gazillion people out there with phony “natural” cures for diabetes - by miracle, equally effective with t2d AND t1d, though they are very different diseases by cause and effect. These crackpots are all over the bulletin boards of all the big and little sites, be it craigslist or yahoo. They all rail against lipitor, which has had very extensive study and scrutiny, and make wild and crazy claims in favour of all kinds of stuff - pills, juices, treatments and tonics - none of which has ever been scientifically and independently tested. Oh yeah, these natural things usually cure cancer and reduce hair loss.

I chose to join this group because it appears that it is not a front for hustling drugs or meters, though I do wonder why we’re asked to divulge what meter we use in our applications. At least there aren’t all kinds of ads, fake info links and pap usually found on diabetes websites.

Phew, that’s enough for today. You won’t always agree with me, and you might not like my tone, but I promise to be sincere and not try to sell you anything but ideas. Forge ahead!

Go for it Grant. Yes those hustling the unaware with ‘cures’ should be criminally charged. As well as some organizations that are no more than self serving fundraisers that put diabetes in their name and peddle 50 yr old misinformation.

Welcome from my part of Canada .I have not read your bloggings yet …where do I find them ??.
I am not a fellow t2-er , however I hope you allow me to hop in . Firstly here at TU , I believe that everyone is aware of the different types , including Mody, type 1/1/2 and others. Issues indeed will be different and to top it off there is sameness ( BS numbers, Chol results, BP numbers ) . We all need nutritious food and if we can exercise , the better our number game will be .
I attended the Canadian Diabetes Association NAGM on Thursday in Montreal . It always has been clear to me that the Association supports all people living with Diabetes . The new Mission statement is as follows : " To lead the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while we work to find a cure " .. I like to suggest if you have suggestions, questions, beefs( sp ?) etc to contact 1-800-Banting …we can all benefit , if you do .Be well .

Nel: Thanks for your comments. My blog is at http://type2diabetestalk.blogspot.com/ and I warn you in advance that it contains some expletives and angry tone. I would also note that I’m not a big fan of the CDA. I raised my $12 K a few years back for the Rome Marathon and saw the fundraising side, and I’ve seen, or should I say, not seen what the CDA does for a type 2. Their magazine is like Cosmo - the same articles reshuffled, and all the big page ads from the equipment makers. As for community support, it looks good on paper, but I found the Oakville-Burlington community presence to be close to nil. They provide no grassroots support that I’m aware of. Their main focus seems to be raising money. I’ve seen no significant results from their advocacy for type 2s in government/medicare services. That’s my view as a critical observer.

Hi Grant …You may not like , what I post here either …you can delete or not have me as your diabetes friend. I read some of your blogs and have trouble understanding , that you do not take control of your chronic disease at this time in your life ( denial or what ???) …don’t put the blame on the CDA, Pharma’s etc.Please take charge . I say it again : I hate to share this and YOU may not like it either : Your blog of Feb. 2008 tells us : " Sick and tired of being sick and tired" and your cruise story probably tells of dining on the ultimate ??? instead of doing what is to your benifit to be well for a long time . I have cruised several( 5 ) times, while living with diabetes ( for 27 years ) and never gained weight …I am in their gym , I am walking the deck and above all declining deserts. Even if other table guests try to entice me to eat more and they have done so ( not my Hubby , he really has my wellbeing on his mind , thank goodness ) another type of Food police are those , who want you to consume carbs and more carbs ) …I will NOT , because I say so and because my tummy is full .
And why not tell the CDA , that you don’t like their Cosmo magazine …I think you are overstating the word Cosmo …this is most likely your interpretation ; girls think differently :slight_smile: …are you a member to receive the Dialogue ??I suppose the big ad people pay for you getting the magazine for a fraction of the price .
Why not start a meet-up in your Community ? …and tell them ; NO DISCUSSION ON FUND RAISING at this group . Advocay in your province covered Lantus at no pay for the user and insulin pumps are covered for children and adults …Did you offer your services to CDA as an advocate ?? …it’s never too late .
I have type 1 diabetes for 27 years and today I state and sign off : Nel , Celebrating Diabetes .
PS when were you in Rome with Team Diabetes ; did you take a supporter along ??

I am a type 1 and I did read your blogs on your site, Grant. I actually think that type 1 and type 2 have the same outcome, hyperglycemia, but are drastically different diseases. I also feel that T2’s need an advocate such as you to refute the “blame game” of both the medical profession and the “media” particularly towards type 2’s, particularly obese type 2’s. You did not ask for the genetic prediposition to type 2 any more than I asked for my beta cells to die, in one week, at age 13. I personally know of many type 2’s who are so shamed and blamed by their medical professionals that they have stopped going to the doctor and do not follow any of the medical protocols they were given…leading to dialysis, amputation, heart diseases… I feel bad for them because many of them are in much, much worse medical condition than I, a type one for 41 years, and they have only been diagnosed for 8-10 years as Type 2!!! In my community ( African-American) Type 2 is almost in epidemic proportions after a certain age…So I agree that Type 2’s need someone, like you to stand up for them, and to shake the tree a little.

Keep it up!! YOU seem to be doing great with your current health care. It is great that you want to help others!!

God Bless,


Many thanks to Brunetta and Nel. Brunetta, you really understand what I’m talking about when I describe the attitudes prevalent towards diabetics with t2d as contrasted to people who are innocent victims of the t1d.

Nel, I welcome your opinions too. For clarification, I am a member of the CDA, and I have contributed much time and money to that organization, for very little in return. I’m trying to earn a living, spend time with my family, lose weight, maintain control and do some travel, so I’m quite entitled, as is anyone else, to criticize how the CDA interpret their mandate. And, it is not my burden to attempt to turn that big ship around. However, nothing will ever change if there is no critical comments. I have attempted to communicate my views to them in several different modes, and have yet to receive even a token response. If I understand your comment about the Dialogue rag, you are actually saying that we should be grateful for the Seven Sisters of the Pharma industry for buying full colour full page ads bragging about their meter being 2 seconds quicker, because by them buying such ads, it makes that rag cheaper for us. Well, I would rather pay more for my membership and get something on plain recycled newsprint that is objective. The CDA is never, ever going to criticize the big pharmas that buy those ads! They have no editorial freedom or objectivity. So, I reject your arguments on that front. The CDA is not the only avenue for t2d advocacy!

Also to clarify: my blogs were and are intended to convey my honest emotions of the time written. If you would rather that I fake a sunny disposition and optimism at all times, sorry, no can do. Do I betray my own weaknesses in those blogs? You betcha! As I’ve said to many people, if I had strong willpower with food and exercise, I wouldn’t be in this position! I love food. I hate tedious, mindless exercise. I get angry with my cross to bear - and then I think about people I know with cancer, chrones, heart, etc. etc, that are worse and they have little they can do to help themselves, whereas I can do a lot to control my t2d.

Further clarification: I applaud your great success in maintaining such long term control and weight. It’s not the norm or average, is it? Especially with t2ds, which is another point in favour of t2ds segregating themselves because most others think differently.

BTW, I maintained optimal or just a bit over control for basically 10 yrs., and then the drugs just stopped working, even though I continued exercise and a reasonable diet. My GP called me his "model (t2d) patient for those 10 years. My blogs are very personal though, revealing my true thoughts of the moment, my anger, guilt, weakness, etc. - you’re right about that, but you make some wrong assumptions - understandably - from the blogs. I have feet, ankles, calves, thighs and torso of clay.

And the negativity of my writings, esp. the blogs, will push many people away. I won’t spread false hopes and I won’t sing “Look on the sunny side of life” when I’m down. Funny, there is a very high correlation, or co-incidence of t2d and depression - and not t1d - and recent evidence is that the depression and/or stress might actually be causative of t2d, and not the other way around. Having studied depression a bit, I understand that chronically depressed people are not that way because they’re losers, or have major calamities in their life, but rather, they FEEL depressed due to brain biology, hence why drugs do work (sometimes) and therapy is bs.

I enjoy the support of my wife, who was on the cruise and with me in Rome, too. Having close family support is not just beneficial, it is absolutely necessary.

Again, thanks to both for taking the time for comments - it’s curious that both of you are t1ds. Cheers!