I’m really surprised how ppl here take things to the extream! Come on now let’s stay on the topic at hand! All this crap about hijacking another’s comversation here is stupid! We just need to stay on topic here! Let’s not get off topic. For many times I have seen conversations that after awhile have went off topic. Yes I have done it to b’c the mood here has gotten to tough. I will be the 1st one to admit on “Enough is Enough” I started playing with the computer remarks and also on the coke vrs pepsie thing that was going on but I think alot of ppl do that just to lighten the mood. Atleast I did. Let’s try to help each other and not hurt each other here. I mean come on now we’re a support group for goodness sakes!

Thanks Doris for this post.

REALLY HOPE it works.

Smarties v. Winkies!

All the crap does need to stop. You don’t see this idiocity in cancer support groups.

LOL! I’ll take a butterfinger!

Your right Duck this needs to stop! Type 1 & type 2’s all have one thing in common. We’re ALL diabetics.

I came here a few years back to get the support I was so lacking at home with my family now look at the way things have turned! I was gone from this site for a year and ahalf and was REALLY surprised how things were when I came back here. (My being gone for so long was due to personal reasons and NO computer!)

I haven’t been reading or keeping up with whatever fighting has been going on on here lately. But yeah, why are we fighting? T1, T2 - who cares? We are all still diabetic. Don’t forget who made up those categories of T1 and T2 - the doctors! So, you can blame them for the fighting (that apparently exists - why I don’t know?). And do we really want the doctors (which for most of us they drive us crazy) messing up our little community?

I read a D book that said there are actually really hundreds of 'types" of diabetes - they just don’t have the time or resources to label them all (or are just too damn lazy or don’t care) - which is why they lump every one into two categories. So all of us are probably not even either one!

So no point in arguing OK guys?? All of us have broken pancreases in one way or another and lets just leave it at that.

Ps. Doris D - I like the title of your thread “Mudslinging” - the week is the anniversary of Woodstock - I was watching a doc on it last night and remembering my adventure at Woodstock '94 and remembering all the mud! LOL! Cool memories!

Instead of mudslinging let’s have a cookie

Sounds like fun Kimberly! Never got to Woodstock myself but wish I had at one time or another.

Cookie? Make mine peanutbutter! LOL! Fresh out of the oven!!!

Yeah, I was born one month after the original - I always was mad about that like I should have been there (always been a hippie type) and when the 25th anniversay one came up in 94 - I just had to go!. Lots of mud being slung around but fun! :slight_smile:

I was alive when the 1st one came around but my parent’s loved Country & Western so they wouldn’t even talk about it! LOL!


That’s funny because a lot of bands back then were very influenced by c&w, and its cousin bluegrass, anything with original American roots. They plugged in that’s true, but they loved and incorporated the old stuff in their own.

You parents probably didn’t like the hippie subculture that came along with Woodstock. My parents were in southern Italy when that all happened, no hippies there. My dad (an American) refers to the 1960s here as “when America had a nervous breakdown.”

You more or less said it. THey didn’t like “hippies” at all!

Ill jump on the band wagon. =^) and coke (zero), by the way.

Actually, as much as it is about support, I think that there is a lot of really educated people here who have different opinions on D and its treatments. Im all for a good discussion and do my best not to make those things personal, but an open discussion based on fact and understanding. Really Im here to learn as much as I am for support.

A very good example of this is the recent thread wacky food labels. bsc and diabetic chef’s discussion is fantastic. The studies pointed out and the information there is highly important. The only thing I could ask for is a bit less aggression in that discussion from folks. But really Im glad it happened as I would have not known about those studies otherwise.

LOL! Coke zero? I go with diet coke! LOL!

Yes we are all educated on “D” and sometimes other’s don’t think we are. I for one will say that most of my idea’s are outdated and really appreicate what other’s here offer. But the agression needs to be taken down and just have an open honest discussion. No bickering PLEASE!!!

agreed. Well, that is except the diet coke thing. =^D
Less agression between comrades is always a good thing in my eyes.

LOL! Let’s just agree to disagree on that Coke thing! LOL! Proud you see what I see.

Me too Doris! =^)