I had a diabetic nightmare last night. In this dream I went to my primary regarding a minor injury to my toe. He took one look at it and said I needed to go to the hospital right away.

In my bed at the hospital I got sleepy and fell asleep. When I woke up I was instantly in a panic to discover my leg and arm had both been amputated!

Then I woke up for real.


I am interested to hear about other people's diabetic dreams.

I should preface my reply by stating that I do not have diabetes. But my 12-year-old daughter has Type 1. I rarely dream anymore because I have my daughter’s Dexcom parameters set tightly during the night (alarms at below 70 and above 130) so I am often not asleep long enough to experience REM sleep. I had a diabetes dream several weeks ago, however. In the dream, I had been diagnosed with Type 1 and was using a Dexcom and OmniPod pump (same as my daughter). When I awoke, my first thought was that I was disappointed that I didn’t actually have Type 1, and for a reason that remains unclear to me, this feeling has persisted to a certain degree. I don’t have Munchausen’s and have no idea why I feel this way, other than the fact that (like most parents of children with T1D), I fantasize on a daily basis that I could magically take my daughter’s Type 1 from her little body and put it into mine so she no longer has to deal with this pain-in-the-@$$ disease…

It's understandable. When I was real young, before my diagnosis at age 9, I would often wish I had diabetes because my dad and one of my brother's were both type 1. When I actually was diagnosed, at first, I was very happy because now I was just like dad and Joel. Now we shared something rare, now we were even closer.

Of course that feeling didn't last long. I soon learned what diabetes was like to actually have and I turned to hatred and anger and rebellion. Not toward my family, but toward myself and my diabetes.

Once I dreamed I was eating something, woke up enough to bolus, and went back to sleep. I was so mad at myself when I woke up to my CGM low alert... Otherwise I can't think of any specifically diabetic dreams that I've had.

one time just after i was diagnosed i had a dream that i phoned a taxi from my ma´s house in south carolina and there were no taxis available and so they were sending a fire engine. i was straghtening my hair on the front lawn (as you do) when i heard the sirens so i knew they were getting closer so i was putting things away and getting my bag together. i noticed i wasnt getting all my diabetes kit together and thought to myself in the dream, "oh, i must not have diabetes anymore!" it was great until i woke up.

i also had a dream that i was having a really bad low, not able to call out for help and my dad was in the next room but i couldnt get his attention cuz i was like a lump. i was trying to yell to him but no sound came out of me.

the last one i had i had lipodystrophy all over my stomach and it was all lumpy, like massive, grapefruit sied lumps. i started rotating my sites religiously for a while after that...

thats crap!! quite funny tho!

Oh, my, I've had the calling out for help but no one could hear...or I couldn't make a sound dreams. Those are so distressing.

Funny that you posted this Tamra because I just had a "diabetic" dream last week. I dreamed that I had bolused 30 units in my pump and I had this picture of a medtronic pump, not my tandem tslim, in the dream, with 30 units etc. I was frantically trying to rip the set out and or stop the bolus. Then I woke up and realized, fortunately, it was just a mini nightmare, but I checked my pump anyway to make sure nothing had been bolused.