Dress Up in Blue for World Diabetes Day!

Read this communication from International Diabetes Federation:

We have to make some noise! I say we dress up in blue. Who’s with me?

Here is a way for you to dress up in blue, if you want to:

I’m with you… sounds fun and it will give me reason to share. I also linked the candle link, sent it to my mom as well. GO BLUE!

Hmmm… I’m down with this. Plus I get to go shopping since I don’t have anything in that shade of blue. Win-win!

Oh heck yeah…

I am in:)

I’m in and will also dress my boys in blue that day.


Sure thing, I LOVE blue!

Let people know about the reason why are you dress up in blue. And don’t forget to post your photo after, so we can let the world know!

The sad thing is that I have a skirt the perfect shade of blue, and it is getting cold here… :frowning:
I will have to find some way to use it without freezing!

I think any deep blue will work, as long as it is not really dark or really light.

Im with you. Lets all go blue.

Blue it is! Don’t forget to take pics!!!