World Diabetes Day 2008

I had a good day today! I dressed all in blue, even my skivies!
I painted a blue circle on my cheek, four blue circles on my minivan and World Diabetes Day Nov. 14 on both sides and the back of the van.
My daughters both wore blue to school today. My ten year old shared why she was wearing blue with the class, explaing what diabetes was and telling a story of one of mommies “scary” low blood sugars "when she said she felt like she was going to die!"
My kids are awesome. They were both excited to participate and spread the word. My 8th grader told her friends about it in advance and two of them showed up to school wearing blue today too! Isn’t that incredible!
I went to my nursing lecture and several people asked me about the circle on my cheek and my bright blue clothing. It was an awesome way to make people aware of World Diabetes Day, and I felt great doing it!!
I took pictures of the van but my computer’s being wacky so I can’t upload them yet. I will when I get them downloaded!

I hope you all had an awesome World Diabetes Day too!

That is just Amazing! I can’t wait to see your photos! ?The blue circle on your cheek was a great idea… next year I will do it too.

We went all in blue to see the City Hall in SF. It was so pretty. However it was hard to communicate with the people passing by what was going on.

It felt really good to participate in my own small way. I would like to be able to organize something bigger in my community for next year. We’ll see!

Awesome that your daughters were so involved too! I’d love to see the pictures if you can upload them later!!

Wow…your kids are GREAT!