November 14th, I'm asking everyone to wear BLUE!

Hi Everyone, Hope all is good! I just wanted to share an event I created on Facebook to honor World Diabetes day. I am asking everyone to wear BLUE on November 14th & send in pictures/videos to Stop juvenile diabetes Facebook page. Below is the event link on Facebook: & please feel free to like our page :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Vanessa mother of a Type 1

Hi Nessavial,
Here’s a project that is in line with what you suggest:

Also, don’t forget to do the Big Blue Test… more details to come!

will do that they shousld change the juvenile diabetes company to include adults as daiabeticas aslso lots of us are in the same boat its not just young ones

Hey guys, sorry I never got notifications that you guys posted on my blog! @Manny, thank you, I will also join in and wear blue every friday! @Naz & Judith, I’m so happy you guys will be participating in something on November 14th, as long as we all get out there & do something to teach & support, it’s sooooo worth it! @Naz, you are right, it affects the young, middle & old, its has no discrimination. Have a good day all and can’t wait till NOVEMBER, i think I just might wear blue all month long!!! :slight_smile: