Duck it's a snowball

All the year I have been telling our grand children that when the snow comes we can have a snow ball match I was only joking because I soon get cram crackered moving about any faster than a snail but the picture I created seemed a good one, over christmas the snow came and went one day the snow was too fine to make a snowman the king that stopped the trains in there tracks a few years back.

Last week when we visited Jess and Dan had made a great snowman with the aid of mom and dad I was really surprised it looked a bit like jack frost in the movie of course as soon as we arrived the grandkids dragged nan and me outside ant the fub began snowball after snowball came crashing my way the grandkids really ave me a pasting but that’s what grandpas are for and fishing of course.

As expected after 5 minutes I was done in, cream crackered but the snowballs just kept comiing I should have played the idea down during the year but seeing the grandkids having fun made it all worht while if you have grandkids of your own you know the delight they bring they lifted ny spirit and I really had a wonderful time so next time someone asks you to join in a snowball match say yes and have fun.