Brrrrrrrr Jack Frost Stopped Here

Let the cat out at 4am well tried too she took one look at the frosted over garden and she turned tail and ran back upstairs perhaps she was trying to tell me something for there I am standing in the doorway no socks jst slippers and my boxer shorts sorry about the description not the sort of thing to discuss in front of the kids, cold air blowing staight into the house nose geting red and the cat is no where to be see.

To say the frost took me by surpise is not an exageration I closed the door and got back into bed, the cat was determined to get me up jumping on the bed sitting on my tummy meowwing away if only I could understand moggie talk, I got out of bed once again gave her some food and went back to dreamland.

Now that look`s COLD!! I thought we were cold down here!! Can’t blame the cat for running huh? HA!

it’s very cold here too. our lake is freezing up fast right now. the kids will be skating soon!

It’s all relative…It doesn’t look too too bad. My Boston Terrier HATES going out right now. 14 degrees below zero and a foot of snow on the ground here in Western Colorado.

It snowed here in Carmichael California and that happens once every 7-10 years. BRRRRRRRRRR