Hi Jack Frost

Winters last throws Spring may be coming but winter does not want to leave without a fuss,yesterday was so sunny we had to draw the curtains a real spring day but a lot can happen in a few hours we went to bed commenting what a nice day it had been, one thing I have learnt in life never never temp FATE, at 3am smudge was whispering in my ear purring like a contented lion and she managed to wake me up from my dream there I soaking up the sun tall drink in hand and my feet being cooled by the ocean waves as they flowed to and fro from the sandy beach,I woke up looked at smudge and said waiter another one of these please,until I realized a pair of eyes were starting me in the face ok smudge do you want to go outside wish cats could talk I scrambled out of bed still half asleep or is that half awake at that time in the morning your brain is kinda muddled I wondered downstairs no slippers on fatal for a diabetic especially with no carpet on the stairs and hallway unlocked the back door only to find smudge was still waiting at he top of the stairs cats never hurry,come on smudge freezing here there had been a flying visit from jack frost and family outside covered in white and a howling wind to boot,I had to go and pick her up and put her outside why walk when you have a human to carry you,I waited as I usually do for about 10 minutes by this time my feet legs arms nose and ears were turning blue form the cold then she came wondering in tail in the air and flew up the stairs leaving me to lock up and drag myself up the two flights of stairs get into bed shivering and try to go back to sleep never got back to the beach the tall cold drink the clear blue sea never mind there is always tonight not a sign of insulin pills or anything in my dream wish real life was like that

Hi, Twiddlemthumbs. We’re having a round robin with snow, ice, rain, sun. Happy spring! Pet Smudge for me.