Birth Announcement!

I would like to share some great news, I gave birth to a baby boy on Friday, March 4th at 7:15am. :smile:
I was 38 weeks and 2 days and went into labor naturally.
His name is Jeremiah and he was 8lbs 10oz. Kind of a big boy but not that big.
I went into labor on Thursday night, was admitted to the hospital early Friday morning. When I got to the hospital I was already 5cm, so they admitted me. I labored for 6hours about and then had my little guy. The labor was quicker than I expected and pretty uneventful. I’m very proud of myself, it was my 4th and final labor/delivery without pain meds. Yay, I did it! :blush: My husband did such a great job of helping me through it too! I made him work hard. My nursing staff was awesome too.
My little guy’s shoulder got stuck for a couple mins during the end but thankfully, my doctors were able to manage him out without forceps.
My doctors did want to put me on an insulin drip at the beginning of labor, I was in the 140s but then I bolused a couple of times and got my BGs down to under 100 for the remaining labor/delivery. So no insulin drip.

My BGs have been fantastic since delivery and breastfeeding is going great!
My little guy is in the NICU for now under lights for some jaundice and low blood sugar issues. I just found out this morning that his blood sugar issues are resolved and they are focusing on the light therapy now. He can probably go home in a couple days.

I want to thank everyone for their support and help with information during my pregnancy. This was my last one, no more kiddos- my husband and I do have 4 now- 2 boys, 2 girls, our family is complete. :blush:

Feeling so blessed right now. :heart_eyes:



Congratulations! You are amazing!

That is wonderful news! congratulations & welcome to the world Jeremiah!

Congratulations on the healthy birth - glad that boy you and Jeremiah are doing well!

Beautiful news! Congratulations to you and your entire family.

Congratulations! I’m happy to read that things went well and your blood glucose management went as you expected it to go.:family:

Welcome to your little Pisces!:two_hearts:

congratulations! glad you and the baby are doing well!!


That’s wonderful news @busybee congratulations on the newest member of your family!

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Thank you all for the well wishes! :slight_smile:
My little guy and I were finally released from the hospital on Tuesday. We are all doing well and adjusting to having one more little person at home. My kids are hilarious. My 1st daughter asked why he cries so much. :smile:
My kids notify me whenever he starts to cry, as if I cannot hear him. :wink:
My husband and I are getting a lot of chores and errands completed now that he is taking sometime off work. If only my husband and I could catch up on our sleep. :sleeping:

Thanks again everyone,

Thanks @Terry4,

Me too! I was a little miffed when they put the order in but then the nurse lost the saline/dextrose bag. She spent much of my labor trying to find out where she put it. It was almost like one of those dreams where you are trying to find something you lost although in this case, it was such a blessing. I wonder if my husband hid it. He’s been known to do things like that. :smirk:

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Congrats! I was struck by your birth announcement because I’m always wowed by mammas of multiples - supermoms! 4! Wow, 1 child for each of your hands! I’m a mother of an only and this story has so many similarities to our birth story - our guy was born at 38 weeks as well and exactly one month and one year earlier than yours and also just before 7 am and also it was a quick labour. However, I did have 4 IVs going during labour and delivery and this was the worst part of the experience for me, the bruising in my arms was the only lasting evidence of an otherwise healthy delivery. If I were to do it again (and we have no plans to!) I would advocate for my ability to manage my BGs and push the med team to not put in the glucose and IV drips until my BGs suggested a need. Congrats again :slight_smile:

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WOOT! Congratulations!!

This is so wonderful!! Congratulations :slight_smile: