Early pregnancy symptoms

I’m wondering if I might be pregnant, but then I wonder that EVERY month :smiley:
Has anyone experienced weird low BG levels as an early symptom? What about constipation? That’s the two strange things that are happening to me…Anyway-any tips on early symptoms are welcome :slight_smile:

I started having mystery highs, which were pretty much never a problem for me before pregnancy.

I don’t think I was constipated, but that did come later.

My blood sugar drop with my first pregnancy and they are sky rocketing with this one. Constipation comes usually in the 2nd trimester when baby is sitting on my colon ;o(.

okay-thanks for feedback :slight_smile:

Sore boobs. Like really sore boobs.

That was my only sign. Well…as the weeks increase, constant low sugars and fatigue too

My first sign was fasting bg about 40 points higher than usual. This happened for 2 days in a row, so I took a test (at 10 days past ovulation) and it was positive!

I’m sitting here wondering the same thing! I went off of Nuva Ring this month and I’ve had terrible lows for the past few weeks. I’ve missed my period, but I’ve taken three pregnancy tests and they were all negative. It’s so hard to tell when PMS symptoms seem to be the same as pregnancy symptoms! Good luck!

I did a HPT shortly after this post and it was negative. However about 2-3 weeks later I did another one and it was positive! By then my BGs had shot up though! ouch! I totally thought I was pmsing, that and because I have irregular periods meant that I didn’t test for a while and had a couple of weeks of high BGs (I thought it was the pms). I ended up having terrible indigestion for about a week and I was very bloated. No nausea so far…I think I’m about 4 weeks pregnant still have to see my endo and ob/gyn!

yay!!! congratulations!!!

Congrats! So, how soon did you take the test after you missed your period? (the negative one) I took one about 5 days after my missed period. I also took 2 before that. :slight_smile: All 3 were negative, but now it’s been a week and still no period and lots of funny BGs.

They say it takes 4-5 weeks for the pregnancy to show up on the pregnancy test. After a missed period, you should be able to get a positive the very next day.

When I was SURE we were pregnant, I took a test per day for a week. Got a positive on the 7th day. We’ve been pregnant 2 times and it was the same both times. Obsessive pregnancy testing for 7 days to get a positive the next day.

They say the best time to detect a positive test is your first pee of the day.

Good luck!