Early pregnancy symptoms?!

Hello All!

Wondering what everyone’s early pregnancy symptoms were???

I have been having the following symptoms and think there may be a chance I could be preggo:

-some unexplaned “highs”
-very sore breasts
-some unexplaned headaches

What are other symptoms that women have experienced??? I should be getting my period next week (and sometimes I do experience highs and sore breasts before my period, although this time it is definitely more extreme). I did take a pregnancy test a few days ago, which came up negative (but is it too early)? I have heard of many women getting false pregnancy tests.


Hi Ashley I understand how your feeling this is our 3rd month of trying after my miscarriage at xmas. What I have come to realise is you can have every ‘early pregnancy’ symptom possible and still get your period at the end of your cycle. I’ve had two months of thinking this is it, blue veins in breasts, unexplained lows, dizzy, feeling sick, unexplained highs, sore nipples, headaches, tiredness, going off tea but then getting my period. I have learnt that I need to acept these all must be new pms symptoms and they can be different every month. My temps were so high this month I was convinced too. But this month I’m going to try not to think about it ‘yea like that’s possible lol’ and wait to see if I’m late before I get excited and pee on more sticks. I do hope in your case you are pregnant. I just wanted to let you know my experience. Kathy

Hi ashley
My BGs did go pretty high then after I discovered that I was pregnant at about 5 weeks I started having headaches then the nausea kicked in. Sore breasts for sure but I just thought I was pmsing. Anyway I agree with Maismommy- I wouldn’t waste pregnancy tests again until after your period is late. Hang in there-you may be disapponted if you get your period but at least you’ll have saved money on pregnancy tests :slight_smile: and if you test later and you get a positive then you’ll have extra tests to do some double checking! I really hope you are pregnant-it’s v exciting :slight_smile:

I am in the exact same boat. Should be starting next week, it’s so hard not to think about it! Its funny how you think you’re experiencing symptoms and then wonder if you’re experiencing symptoms. Our bodies/minds do play tricks on us! Keep us posted. Sending baby dust your way…

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Wishing you all the best!

Hi to ALL, im a mews member an I meed sum realy good advise.ive beem a type 1 diabetic for a longer time my last menstrual was about to weeks ago my next period is due in four days, about last week I started getting sum bad headaches an dizziness mostly after a meal lr random throuhh the day, followed by nauesa an spitting, ii took a pregnancy test an it was negative, figured it was too soon to guess im trying my best not to read into stuff to much cuz its been dis years dince my son, I have no idea what to look for an what I should feel.an is it possible that1 u could become pregnant with crazy Bg.cux my last hgA1c was 11 .2 .I think thst was in April, I have no idea what is now but I dont think it pretty…could I b pregnant, an how soon should I get the DR. or am I jus panicky an its all in me head

I would definitely at least contact your doctor. If you are pregnant you want to try to get your blood sugars under tight control as quickly as possible.

I had high BGs for the first few days after finding out, I think largely because I was so stressed/surprised/overwhelmed/relieved/excited/bugging out. It's hard not to get psyched up. If you are on a pump, I'd try temp basal 105-110% (and test frequently) if you're consistently high. That's what anxiety does to me.