Eating on Vacation

I just came back from a wonderful yet horrible vacation from New Orleans. It was a wonderful vacation in many respects yet horrible because I aint without restraint. I tested 2 hours every meal and my numbers were horrible (as expected). I would compensate for this by walking as much as I could after every meal. How do other people cope with eating while on vacation??? Thoughts???

Hi Ken,
I went on two trips this year both to the west coast from the east, and both time I had horrible bs results, I just couldn’t seem to get it right. Not sure if it was the time change or what. My diet was not all that different than being at home since we stayed at a family friends condo in San Diego and the other time was at my wifes sisters house in Portland OR. and I had consitantly high readings.
Everything returned to normal with in a couple of days of returning. go figuire!

I recently moved from New Orleans to North Carolina, it was torture living there for 3 years with all that fabulous food/drinks! I found that if I exercised before and walked afterwards my sugars were better, but who the hell wants to do that in “The Big Easy”? I find traveling always messes up my bloodsugar, even if I eat perfectly. Drinking lots of water can help, especially when flying or on long drives. Don’t beat yourself up and just be happy that you had a great time…a few days of wacky numbers won’t hurt you long-term, it’s only if they stay like that. You’ll be fine and try to fine tune next vacation! Did you have a favorite spot in NOLA? I do miss it there…beignets and all!

My numbers also tend to get wonky if I’m travelling. Some things I try to do that help are ensuring my lodging has a kitchenette or at least a fridge. Then I can go to the local market and deli to get cold cuts, salads, fruit, milk, etc. Then I can make some simple meals. If I can make my own meals & snacks for at least part of the day, I’ll have better bgl control. I also do a lot of walking on vacation, which really helps.