Eating pattern impact?

Further testing is needed but maybe some of you have done it.
Last night on our way to have a bike ride we stopped and had a burger and fries. on the way there, I had a salad and a knudsen’s veggie juice. Pick-Quick is a local place using good quality foods and fresh-cut potatoes, etc, but I still expected a spike. so after 1/2 hr of getting to the trail and 25 minutes of biking the test was in the 90’s. I had a snack, and after another half hour of biking back I was in the 80’s.

My question is how much of the low numbers is attributable to the exercise and how much to filling up on veggies before the burger?

by comparison, another time we went to Sonic (not that great and sugar-sweetened? seriously?) and after an hour of biking I was still over 170 and had to walk it off on a hill.

Did you go high a few hours later after you were at 80? One time, I ate fries while snowboarding thinking they would get burned off but then I went high about 5 hours later. Fries= lots of fat, which = a delayed spike! If I am exercising, I usually eat something that won’t be long to digest, otherwise I have that annoying go low now and high later problem…

I haven’t obseved that veggies will cut off a spike. I think it’s hard to evaluate things like this very precisely b/c there are so many variables? Are you more or less fitfit than ride#1, was the ride different (faster,slower, hillier), how was you insulin, both from shots, onboard, basal, how were Jupiter & Mars lined up, etc? :wink: