ED issues

I haven’t seen any discussion about this topic, but maybe I haven’t looked in the right place.

I’m 66 years old, 43 years into a wonderful marriage, 42 years with T1D. ED has been an occasional problem for some years now, but is more than just occasional at this stage of life. The “little blue pill” doesn’t work. Any advice for this difficult to discuss problem that men hate so much? (Honestly, I really hate to suggest the topic, even as an unseen, unknown poster).


There are prosthetic devices that work well. Consult your Urologist for availability and application. There are three internal types

and some non invasive suggestions:



Thanks for suggesting this topic. You’re right, men don’t like to talk about it. I don’t have this problem but I’ve failed miserably in the “finding a suitable mate” aspect of life.

Don’t give up looking for answers. I’ve found with many things in life that learning more usually improves the situation. Congratulate yourself in getting past the denial stage! It looks like @Rphil2 has some good suggestions. Good luck.

You’re 66. You’re not old by any means, but changes happen, like it or not. We can’t do anything the way we could when we were 19, and men tend to have a problem with that idea. Some things to consider:

  • Are there any stresses at the moment? Stress and anxiety can affect performance (and affect your diabetes, which further affects your performance). Think beyond big stresses to small things you wouldn’t even really think were stresses. Work? Do you take it home and are you on the computer at night? Finances? Family? Extended family? The state of the world? A sick pet? A decision about a new car? Anxiety about ED can compound ED. A partner’s issue with ED can compound ED. Nor does it have to be “bad” stress. Anxiety about a forthcoming holiday or family celebration can take a physical toll. It all factors in.

  • What’s your weight like? Your blood pressure? How’s your general state of health and fitness? How do you feel about what your body looks like? How does your spouse feel about it?

  • Alcohol and smoking can play a role, so what’s going on there?

  • Did you start any new medications within a year of this becoming a more noticeable issue? There may be interactions.

  • Speak with your family doctor. If they’re a good doctor they’ll explore various possible causes and solutions with you. If they’re not such a good doctor, they’ll just prescribe a pill. And if they do, there are several other pills that aren’t blue and have different mechanisms of action. Some people like them more than the classic blue pill.

Diagnosed with diabetes 25 years ago at age 53. Ten years later, my ED started to rise its ugly head. When the blue pill started to become ineffective, I started with Trimix injections which worked great for about 4 years and then became ineffective. I am currently using a medical grade vacuum erection device which works well, but is a bit awkward and limits time to 20 minutes.

There is a lot of information on the above techniques at franktalk.org.

In addition to leaving plaque in blood vessels which restricts blood flow to the penis, diabetes causes peripheral neuropathy which reduces sensitivity of the nerve endings. It also causes autonomic neuropathy which affects involuntary bodily functions, including the sexual response.

this might be helpful

You can get a doppler ultrasound of your penis to check the blood flow. Circulation issues are a major issue with Diabetes. You might want to get a blood test to check your DHEA, estrogen and testosterone levels. Diabetes causes testosterone levels in men to drop. Mine dropped to 280 eight years after being diagnosed with LADA and I had to go on TRT. Also get a lipid panel done. If the labs come back normal then the issue could be stress/psychological. Natural potential remedies include: beet root juice, watermelon (incl. juice), Korean Panax Ginseng, and zinc.

Here is a link with info on the Doppler penile ultrasound Penile Doppler Ultrasound | Advanced Imaging | Broward Urology Center

Dr. Rachel Ross has an informative video on ED and foods that could help improve the condition. Here is the link Two Weeks 'Til Harder & Stronger Erections by Eating These Four Things - YouTube