Edgepark & Dumb idea

Has anyone ever dealt with Edgepark? I am unable to go through Medtronic for my diabetic supplies. Hold time to get through anyone was 20 plus minutes.

Person at work had said he had issues with them in getting his order correct and talking to the doctors to get orders supplied. I haven't ordered cause I was stocked up on supplies, but now running low. I had met my deducible, so able to get supplies.

I pay 80/20 on my insurance plan. I change my infusion set ever 2.5 days due to large amounts of insulin. When I order, I order 4 boxes of quick sets along with reservoirs Medtronic, my bill when I had ordered was around $120. I was quoted today with Edgepark $150. Why such a big difference?

I told them, when I was with Medtronic I had paid a lower amount, but was told will know when insurance is checked out or what they come back with.

I have come up with a dumb plan. Going by what Medtronic was selling a box at $136 for the quick sets and the Reservoirs I'm estimating about $35 a box.. Please remember, this is my dumb I idea to help with paying and saving..

A box costs $136 / 10 each set cost in a box is $13.60
A box of reservoirs cost 35.000/10 each reservoir is $3.50
Total Cost is: $17.10

So my idea is, every time I change my infusion set, I put $17.10 in the bank. Since I change or order 90 day supply. I would have 17.10*40= 684.00 saved in the bank for future infusion sets / reservoir's or whatever.

Dumb idea or not.. Or am I just being dumb about this. In my HCA, Xerox, puts in about 27.oo in my HCA account and I put in $30, so a pay check is its about $100. but is quickly taken when I go and get insulin and test strips along with other meds.

I don't think it's a dumb idea. I wonder if it might be better to put the money in your HCA account if possible. I don't know but I suspect Edgepark is inflating the price because they have to order/warehouse/inventory/and then of course the biggest cost is to process paperwork for supplying the durables at all. You can always try to negotiate with them, the worst thing that can happen is they say no. I would probably make a call to my insurance hotline number and ask for the list of DME suppliers and let them know that the one you did call is charging more than the RMA price. Why can't you order from MM? The supply part of pumping seems to be the biggest issue any more. I like your plan.

I use Edgepark for my strips (used to use them for needles too). It takes a month or so before they end up getting your "continue care" orders straight, once they do though, they are good. I haven't found hold times like you are talking about, the most I have waited is 5 minutes(and I've called them a lot!).
I just got a mini-med pump and Medtronic is processing my first supply order now, we'll see how that goes. Otherwise, I'll have to use Edgepark for the pump supplies too.

I don't think insurance "sets the price" but they negotiate with the supplier and will pay only what the contract price is agreed on. That is why I would call them, they can let you know what is the correct or allowed price. Even if you have to pay out of pocket - you should not ever have to pay more than your insurance allows.

When I did my first order with Edgepark several years ago, the first rep I talked to quoted me astronomically high prices. At that time I was using a Medtronic pump and the Edgepark rated were much higher than Medtronic had been charging. I called back a different day and got a more informed rep who quoted me my insurance-negotiated prices. They were actually less than what my insurance company had been paying Medtronic.

Ever since then, I have had a very good experience with Edgepsrk. It’s not their fault that my insurance required me to quit using Medtronic as a suppliers. I am now with Animas and still use Edgepark.

I use to get all my pump supplies from Edgepark. I didn't like the company but that's jsut my opinion. When I would order supplies from them I'd get them but would never receive a bill until it was past due. Then they'd get upset because it wasn't paid on time.