Where do you order pump supplies?

I think I posted this in the wrong forum - sorry haven't been on here in a while.....

Just curious where others order their insulin pump supplies and test stripes from?

I had always used Edgepark b/c that is who my insurance was contracted with when I first started pumping 7 years ago but since then insurance has changed (private now) and I've been having numerous problems with Edgepark. So I decided to try ordering directly from Animas (I have a OneTouch Ping) today for the first time and noticed their prices for infusion sets and cartridges seem to be way less than Edgepark. But it's not going to be as fast as Edgepark.

Have I been wasting $$ all these years by ordering from Edgepark? Does anyone else order from Animas or is there a better place to order?

Any info is appreciated - I am definitely done w/Edgepark so looking for options.


I order directly from Animas. I frankly didn't understand there were other places to order from at first and thought they were tied to insurance. But I have my insurance set up with Animas and they haven't asked me for new prescriptions since I got my Ping in 2011. More importantly they give me a 30% discount (off my 20% insurance copay) which I got for low income when I first got my Ping (they also wrote off the 20% ($1,000) I owed as a part of that plan. So I'm stuck with/committed to Animas.

Thanks! That's wonderful! They actually wrote off about $1600 I still owed on my pump earlier this year also b/c I was out of work for about 6 months, so they are definitely wonderful to work with. I am waiting for them to get back to me later today to see what I owe. But glad to hear of positive experience. The more I compare the prices listed on their website (if correct) to Edgepark's I am amazed at the difference.

Edgepark’s posted prices are not usually the contracted rate that your insurance pays or I pay while I’m satisfying my deductible. I don’t know why Edgepark’s “retail” price is so absurdly high. My insurance rate at Edgepark for pump and sensor supplies is lower than the prices posted at Dexcom or Animas. But chances are that my insurance wouldn’t pay the posted price at Dexcom or Animas either. Sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out what things “cost”. I suppose it’s like airplane seats. People don’t pay the same price for the same thing.

I understand all that, my bigger issue with Edgepark is them wanting me to pay my full deductible up front -- something like $1500 which I know is not right once they file insurance. They've never asked this before, have always allowed me to be billed so I get the correct adjustment with my insurance. But today, they were complete a-holes and refused to do it they way they have done for me for 7+ years and the rep I spoke with was awful and unhelpful so I am going elsewhere. I'd never really compared prices before as I'd used them forever but this is more about customer service but the price thing is misleading.

Well, my problem was solved. Animas it is!

Animas already verified my insurance today and called me back and I only owe 30% of my total order till my deductible is met - so I only had to pay $70 today for my order. Whereas, Edgepark told me this morning I owed it all up front b/c I had a deductible - with their prices - and I am looking at their adjusted prices on my last invoice - it would've come to around $1,200 that I had to pay them. Big difference! I still am not sure the customer service rep knew what she was talking about today because I'd never had a problem them billing me before, but she refused and insisted that I had to pay that amount up front and was totally rude about it. And in the past after they'd billed me and submitted my order to insurance, I only owed around $500. Animas expideted the insurance verification for me because I need these ASAP by Thurs b/c we are going on vacation and they were so nice and helpful. Goodbye and good riddance Edgepark!!

Direct from Medtronic.

I have been a pump user since 2009 and have always used Edgepark. But apparently they ended their contract with my insurance company so now I'm searching for other places that my insurance will cover and Animas is one of those companies.

I've always HATED edgepark, I've always order from them got my infusions & resviors and a bill NEVER came with the supplies nor did I receive one in the mail. Until it was past their suppose to be due date in which I would receive a letter telling me that I had a remaining balance and it would have to be paid in the next 3 days. Working with EDGEPARK has been NOTHING but a headache, and I'm definitely glad they are no longer providers of my insurance.

I have used CCS Medical for years. When I switched to a Medtronic pump years ago, they sent me to Liberty, but I did not like them, so I moved back to CCS. Never had a problem in 10 years with them.

Hate to say this, but I have never compared pricing as my insurance covers everything 100% and CCS is a preferred provider.

I would really like to get on with one of these insurance companies that pay everything at 100% really wish mine would do that...

I've noticed a couple of people in this site, that said their insulin pumps were paid at 100% back in 2009 when I got my Minimed Paradigm I wound up paying $3,356.00 for it.

I use Liberty because of my insurance. But I have never asked if I had another choice. Mainly because I pay "double" with Medicare and BC as secondary. I am lucky to have Federal BCBS though I pay the same amount for secondary as a fulltime staffer (I am retired.) But I have no co-pay due to the high insurance monthly rate. So I don't even know what it costs for supplies. Bad, I know. But for the most part, I am happy with Liberty Medical. They have responded well with the few complaints I have had over the years.

I use Liberty, after buying direct from Medtronic for many years one of the insurance reps at Medtronic said I could save some money buy switching to Liberty, she was right I have never payed any out of pocket for supply’s. We will see how it goes in 2014 with all the healthcare changes.

Currently I am using US HealthLink based in Orlando, FL. Their cash prices for pump supplies insurance(FL Medicaid) doesn't cover are great, best I've seen anyway. CCS Medical wouldn't sell to me a couple years ago when I didn't have coverage, so I've written them off.

I used EDGEPARK and hated them. I switched to Liberty. I have been on an insulin pump since 2006 and on insulin since 1981. I am now medically broke. My deductible used to be $0 and Durable Medical Equipment was $0. Now I have a $2,000 deductible and have to pay 80/20 after it’s met. I met my deductible in April after I placed two orders of Omnipods. I had $2,500 on a flex spending card but that is also gone. I now need to place another order of pods that will be over $300, I just can’t afford to live anymore. No one cares. I guess I’m going back to shots.

I use to order from Edgepark but my insurance company dropped the contract with them thank goodness because I just didn't like that company.

Now I've got the t-slim insulin pump and the Dexcom G4 my pump & CGM supplies come from Diabetes Specialty Center and I absolutely LOVE the company. Everything that I can to reorder is delivered to me in 2 days or less if there isn't a major holiday. Their easy to get on the phone. And they send their bills on time before their late. Unlike Edgepark when I used them.