Supplies and best place to order from

I now have to order my supplies as DME (durable medical equipment) instead of from pharmacy. I have MEDTRONIC paradigm 500 series pump and use only the infusion and quick set and have been given the following companies to order from. I have read nothing but horrid reviews about them, any suggestions to whats the best choice for supply company or none at all. Can't order from Medtronic.

Liberty Medical
American Home

It's worse than buying a new car!! Much appreciated with any suggestions.


For a year now, I have used Edgepark my medtronic supplies and have never had a problem with supplies or billing. They correctly figured out my insurance coverage and so far have never billed me wrong.

From that list I would chose Edgepark. I used them for a few years without issue and I really liked there online ordering process. For the last year BCBS of Louisiana requires me to use a in state supplier .

Diabetes Management Supplies in LA is the company I use. Unfortunately, they are out of network under my United Health Care plan so my costs for pump supplies is about 80.00 for 3 month supply. Every rep I have ever spoken with has been knowledgable and my supplies come to me promptly.

A lot of people really hate Edgepark, but I have always had very good service from them. I've been using them for about 4 years. One thing that helps is that I have good insurance and that always makes things go easier.

One thing that is very weird about Edgepark is that they hugely inflate the "retail" price of supplies. But that's really irrelevant because your insurance pays a negotiated price and your copay, if any, is based on that price. But the statements I get from Edgepark always list their "Retail" price which is much higher than the actual price.

Edgepark has been great for me. I much prefer them over MM. When I was on BCBS of SC though I didn't have a choice. I could only use edgepark.

I do not recommend Edgepark - I absolutely hate them. I blogged about it, and received many comments from others who had similar experiences