Effects of Post-Surgery Drops Taken Pre-Surgery

I have cataract surgery in the morning. I got my eye drops mixed-up. I have been taking the post-surgery drops Durezol today. Durezol drops were for after the surgery. Does anyone know how this will effect my surgery? Should surgery be postponed?

Contact your ophthalmologist.

As much as possible that has been done. The cataract specialist will do surgery in the morning at 6:20. I spoke with the answering service, who will relay the message to the doctor on call.

Well, I tried to find an answer to no avail. Durezol is a steroidal anti-inflammatory taken to reduce irritation and swelling after surgery (among other things) but I could not find anything to say NOT to take it beforehand. Strangely, that info just wasn't readily available.

I would be very curious to hear what ends up happening.

Thanks for researching it for me. I will let you know, what the doctor recommends. My surgery is at 6:20 in the morning. I will tell them about the mix-up as soon as I arrive at the surgery center.

Best of luck, Tina! Be sure to let us know how things go.

ProperScientist and Amanda,
The surgery went well. The cataract specialist was not bothered by me taking the Durezol pre-surgery. Yesterday, the surgery took 17 minutes, every thing went very smooth.

Thanks to both of you!!

AWESOME! Hope you start seeing more clearly soon!

Thanks! I am counting on it.