What's your favorite logbook?

I’m talking old school paper and pencil logbooks. I mean, don’t get me wrong. The computer ones are great. I just don’t carry a computer around with me and consequently forget :frowning:
I’m on a pump (mimimed 722) and I want something that is actually useful. The ones that I get at the drs. aren’t very helpful.


Excellent question.

Well, if you have an online (pref. free) logbook that you just love then I’d like to hear about that too :slight_smile:

I made my own paper & pen logbook, but it takes too much cutting and pasting to put it together.

Generally, I’m much more technologically inclined anyway, so I’m looking for a good online logbook to use. I tried sugarstats and was not impressed as it really didn’t meet my needs.

I just signed up for LogForLife.com this afternoon, and it seems great. It has a lot more of what I want in a log - as long as I can figure out how to post from my Blackberry, it might be close to perfect. The only thing that it’s missing is a way to download the data.

Of course, my primary meter is a OneTouch UltraSmart, and I download directly from that to my computer as well…

If you are using the 722 I would use Carelink. Why waste time writing stuff down when your pump has all the info that you need. Good info in leads to good info out and if you feel you need to enter more info you can add exercise and other notes as well. That way you can go back, say 2 or 3 months and compare where you were to where you are now by running one or several of the reports you have access to. The other benefit is that you can bring in reports to your doctor or they can pull up your info using carelink pro after you give your dr. your log in info.

I like the mini-med one. I also use the carelink—but I like back-up :slight_smile:

I am reading Pumping Insulin by John Walsh because I am starting the pumping process. In the book he has Smart Charts. I haven’t tried it but I like the look of it, it has everything I need to analyze right now as I start. it is sold at diabetesnet.com/ishop/

Pumping Insulin by Walsh is the diabetic bible IMO!!! Great book!

NOVO NOrdisk has the best log and carb counting book I have seen so far. I get them from the nutritionists office at the VA in Kerrville, but I believe they will send them to you free of charge. They are large enough to actually record valuable information and will last for about 3-4 months. They are too big for my shirt pocket but perfect for my pants pocket.
At the end of the day, I record everything in Abbots Copilot program. makes it easy to drop info off at doc’s office and still have a copy for me.


I currently use Care-link just because it has so many different customizable reports and it integrates with my minimed 522 and OneTouch ultralink meter. Obviously though, everyone is different so you may find the that is perfect for you but doesn’t worrk for others. For me, I am a cheapskate so I go with the free ones. As long as it gets the basics for me, I can work with the rest. I suggest trying Care-link.

Good luck in your search and great topic.


I am personally working on moving to electronic records but chose the Omnipod and am waiting to see what their new software looks like. In the meantime, I make my own but the template that I based my design on is now available for sale online. I really find the daily graph useful. I added space to mine to record other information on my food intake, such as calories, protein, fat, and fiber.

Hello! my favorite lol! old school before computer logbooks is b-d logbook ats very simple and easy to carry around. I think they still make them. I still write mine down with carb counts for my own knowledge of were i stand day to day basis.Well good luck. diabeticidol94

You know, I think I have a copy of that one somewhere in all of my stuff (I’m not very organized; the most I do is put everything together in the same box)

I’ll have to find it and look it over. No sense buying it if I already have one :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you gotten the Omnipod yet? Do you like it?

I’ve used Carelink before. It’s just that I sometimes lose the cord… oops…
I do like the charts and graphs, though.

My cousin used to work for Novo Nordisk (not sure if she still does) so I’ll ask her about their book.

Thanks for all of the input! :slight_smile:

Now I remember why I don’t use carelink

  1. Because it doesn’t work with Firefox :frowning:
  2. And I would never have my meter and the cord and my pump next to the computer at the same time (well, always the pump)
    And now 3. I’m getting a MacBook for graduation and I don’t think that Carelink works with macs.
    (Any suggestions?)

But that new USB cord looks nifty. :wink:

I use www.sugarstats.com and I love it. My CDE and endo can log in and see my numbers. My CDE, who is also T1, liked it so much that she signed up for herself and started using it.
I don’t like Carelink either. You have to change your security settings to use it if you have Vista and then remember to change them back-- I thought it was a pain.

I too think it’s a pain!

Also, I use the onetouch ultramini meters (1 pink, 1 green) and they aren’t supported with Carelink. :frowning:

I wish that I could have a onetouch ultralink (that talks to my pump and is supported with carelink) that comes in the same colors as the minis.
Is that too much to ask for?!

best book is definitely the smartchart. i have to buy them here in canada, $2.75 per month. but they have room for everything and i love the graph. so easy to see problem spots. haven’t really tried online stuff. sugarstats seems so time consuming!!

Hi Kelsie, I have gotten the Omnipod and have been using it for about 8 months. I love it. There are a couple of good discussions on here on the Omnipod and different people’s opinion on it.