Elevated ALT but don’t know why

Had a blood test and my sugar is great at 5.5 but I seem to have elevated ALT which is to do with liver enzymes. Currently at 35 but normal is in the teens. 3 months ago I was 30 and 6 months ago i was in teens.

Can’t work out why the sudden elevation. I don’t drink, have had my hepatitis shots, exercising. Really weird. Any one have this and is it related to diabetes or thyroid disease?

It’s probably nothing. Wouldn’t worry unless it’s high twice in row. Did you start any new meds? Even Advil can do that

It has been twice in a row now. Haven’t taken any new meds recently either.

If I remember correctly, smoking or being around someone that is smoking all the time can raise it. Also steroid drugs and probably a few other drugs as well. Try Milk Thistle guaranteed potency, the stronger active ingredient of silymarin in it. I believe I had my sister take 200 mg with 175 mg of silymarin in it, once or twice a day. She used to smoke and was put on steroids for a skin condition and her ALT would shoot up and they would have to stop the drugs until they finally dropped. Milk Thistle dropped it really nicely, but of course then she just ended up back on steroids faster so not sure how good that was for her.

Phyllis Balch’s Book Prescription for Nutritional Healing and Louise Tenney’s Book Today’s Herbal Health both well respected authors in the natural world talk about it, but I’m sure you can punch in Milk Thistle and the liver into google search and all sorts of information will come up. Milk Thistle was the first most researched herb because of it’s help with the liver.

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I don’t smoke and I’m not around smokers either.

I’ll google Milk Thistle, thanks for that

Statins can do it.

Yea 30 or 35 is really not a big deal. There are lots of things that can cause it including an immune response to your liver similar to the one that killed your islets. But your numbers would likely be higher for it was that.
Make sure you are well hydrated before your next test.
Also consider any supplements you take. Even new foods. If you eat kidneys or liver that could be it.

I mean there are also scarier reasons, like hepatitis or cancer, but again you would have very high numbers from that.

Thanks everyone.

Very weird, I’m not on any cholesterol meds, my cholesterol is borderline high but not out of range (yet). Also not consuming any offals or liver in my diet.

It’s so out of the blue.

Interestingly Milk Thistle that @Marie20 mentioned is also supposed to help with diabetes. Edit- reading into this further, it’s more beneficial for type 2, doesn’t really mention type 1

Ahh but one last thing to consider, did you eat shellfish recently? Because it’s possible to get a very mild form of hepatitis A from shell fish and you fight it off and barely notice you had it.
This happened to some friends I had when I was young. We were on spring break and a few of us got sick, they tested positive for hep A. The other 2 who were not sick also tested positive for hep A. I tested negative, and I assume it’s because I’m allergic to shellfish so I didn’t eat any.

It’s far fetched but a possibility

Yes prawns but it’s cooked and I’m vaccinated against hepatitis as well. The only one I’m not vaccinated against is hep c, doctor also said this is very unlikely

Certain supplements can raise it as well. Do not remember which.
Strenuous exercise and/or muscle injury could elevate as well. Are the AST high as well as they are tested together.

I don’t think there is a vaccine for hep A, it’s usually mild and comes from food more than anything else

Well I just looked it up and we’ll, there is a vaccine for HEP A