Conception blood sugars

Hey all,
We are trying to conceive again after the recent miscarriage, and I’m curious about how early people knew they were pregnant. I felt like I knew so quickly because of unexplained high blood sugars, but that pregnancy wasn’t viable, so I’m not sure if I should expect that if I were to get pregnant again? I also had a UTI when I got those blood sugar spikes, so I am not 100% sure if they were pregnancy or infection related. It seemed more pregnancy (more like PMS) though. Did most people see blood sugar spikes with conception, or did you not really have any signs until taking a test?

In my experience (two very early chemical pregnancies – one from natural and one from IUI conception – and one successful pregnancy, currently starting 34th week, via IVF), my BGs went high all three times in a drastic / noticeable manner within the 48 hours of fertilization. From two relevant books I have read on T1D and pregnancy (Cheryl Akon’s and the more recent one co-authored by Ginger Vieira with another person whose name now escapes me), my impression is that this is common, but not universal. YDVM, as always. :slight_smile:

I think – complete hunch here – that people who have pretty good control and are used to relatively flat lines (I would describe myself that way) might notice the spike more easily than others.

My experience is.

  1. My first. None. I only found out i was diabetic a few weeks later.

  2. My second, IUI baby. I knew within 24 hours of IUI that something was up. My blood sugars went up and stayed up.

  3. My current. Had low blood sugars immediately following ovulation. Way low compared to usual. This lasted about 10 days… when blood sugars rose dramatically, and have been high since.

Hmm, okay, so very different symptoms for each pregnancy! I have been having elevated blood sugars lately and weird micro cramps in the uterus area (but it’s too early for implantation) as well as slight nausea yesterday. When I was at work yesterday I was walking around and my blood sugar stayed elevated even when I corrected it. Usually walking alone would bring my blood sugar down, and often go low. It seems like I am having to use double the correction to bring it down. I guess I won’t know for a little while though if these are signs or not.