Elevated Creatinine levels

I have just come from my Endo and he advised me that my Creatinine levels are slightly elevated, According to him they have increased at each of my last three visits to a level today of 1.6

He assures me that am not at the stage to be alarmed but it does raise my anxiety level. My doc is going to set me up an appointment with a kidney specialist to evaluate things.

Of course I have lots of questions, What does a 1.6 level mean, does it mean I have lost a significant level of function. Is this just the beginning of a long downward spiral

I’m also curious what to expect from my doctors visit. Darn-it I have enough doctors already, I’m not looking forward to adding another one to the mix.

I would expect talks of ACE or ARB inhibitors (if you aren’t already on them) and lowered blood pressure targets (with medication to help you get there.) For sure some 24-hour urine collections (the details of which seem to vary over the decades I’ve been doing them) for more tests.

While rising creatinine is a fairly reliable indicator of declining kidney function, there are other reasons for it to rise. For instance some drugs impair the kidney and cause a rise, such as certain cholesterol drugs. Also a diet high in protein or heavy exercise can cause problems. I don’t know about particular levels, I’ve usually seen the BUN/Creatinine ratio used as a surrogate measure of kidney function. You can look for the eGFR, if it is high (like 100) that is good.

Agree. When I had the lab work that discovered severe hypothyroidism, I was in third stage kidney failure based on creatinine levels. Got on natural desiccated thyroid and, within a couple of months, creatinine levels returned to normal and have stayed there since–a little over a year…

Your glomerular filtration rate (GFR)– “you need to watch this number”.
Completely healthy kidney function is measured at a GFR of around 100, which means that the kidneys are working at 100 percent. Your kidney function is still considered normal if the GFR number is 90 or greater. If your GFR is 45, you know that your kidneys are working at approximately 45 percent of the normal rate.

FYI: my GFR is <58…but many labs do not report a GFR number until it drops below <60…

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Gary: I am sorry you are concerned with this. In my experience one need worry so much with your test number but more the issue that your level is changing. and has over 3 tests. I believe once you get to the bottom of this you will find there are few if any issues to be concerned with.

but before you get there I advise seeing a nephrologist. I have had to see a nephrologist twice in my life and each time I was scared and each time he said there is really no issue. That gave me a great deal of comfort. The doctor ran various tests, discussed them with me and told me what would have indicated an issue.

I suggest that seeing a nephrologist might be a good choice because often Endo’s or GP simply do not know the full extent of the options and issues.

I wish you good fortune Gary !!!


Thanks everyone for your replies. I still trying to figure out where I stand. So far I’m not panicked just concerned.

I had this happen with statins. When I stopped taking them my creatinine returned to normal after a few months.

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