Embarrassing Lows the book?

You may notice that the title of this post is similar to others that you have seen recently and you would be correct.

Back when I became a member of Tu there was a post similar to this one that asked folks what their most embarrassing low stories. I posted the one about my low at a nudist resort. There were many humorous stories posted and as I read them a great idea started to form. So I pitched the idea to our friends in DHF. Put all these stories in a book and offer it for sale or whatever.

So this is where we start. If you have a humorous or embarrassing diabetes low story you would like to offer up, we would love to hear it.
If you want to just share you story, that would be okay too. We will contact you BEFORE we publish anything.

All that said I guess it is up to me to start the parade.

Low at the Nudist Resort

At one time my wife and I were involved in what was called "the lifestyle". We were members of a nudist resort located in the mid-Atlantic region of the US. It was in August and the wife and I were spending the weekend there. It was a beautiful place with a nice outdoor swimming pool and a huge hot tub. You could fit like 10 couples in the thing.
On those hot days I liked to sit in the hot tub for 10 minutes and then go jump in the pool. The pool was located out in the sun and so the pool water was rather warm. But that swimming pool always felt so nice and cool after 10 minutes in that hot tub.

Now I have no idea exactly what happened but my wife told me that at some point I had gotten out of the pool, put my glasses on, and got back in the pool. I NEVER swim with my glasses on. She told me she watched as I was standing in the water and just feel over. The folks that were there got me out of the pool and my wife went and got the glucagon shot. She came back, gave me the shot and was sitting there waiting for the glucagon to bring me around. Someone with the resort staff had apparently already called 911 and in rolled the brigade.

Now imagine yourself as a fireman, policeman or paramedic sitting in your station or vehicle when you hear the call that there is a medical emergency at the nudist resort. In total there were two fire trucks, 3 state police cars, 2 county police cars, 1 municipal police car (I am not even sure the resort was within his jurisdiction), a paramedic unit and an ambulance. All of that equipment and personnel for one poor old diabetic.
I was told by my wife, and others, that it was a royal three ring circus. People fighting over who had jurisdiction while other folks were trying to cover my wife up (remember that this was a nudist resort). All the while my wife was tell the paramedics, and other members of the resort who were "medically" trained, to just leave me alone and the glucagon shot would bring me around (after all she had done this before). I was told that one of the people my wife was having “words” with was a member of the resort who was an emergency room nurse.

Sure enough, about 20 minutes after she gave me the shot they had me sitting up drinking OJ and eating a sandwich. The emergency was averted. But the paramedics wanted to stay to make sure I was alright. Since the paramedics were staying the cops thought they should stay. The only ones that left were the fireman and their trucks (you sure there isn’t a fire somewhere that we need to watch).

It was quite exciting for the members and guests. It was probably even more exciting for all the emergency responders who got to take a look inside the fence of that private resort.

LOL, funny story. I think it is a great idea to collect all those stories in a book. Do you think you and the moderators of this book can manage the right balance between fun and seriosness? I am asking because lows are often accompanied by negative feelings. Hopefully with that many members we will find enough low stories with a positive note.

Haha. This is my embarrassing low moment that just happened a few weeks ago -

I call it a "low moment," but the irony is that I wasn't low at all, just being a total airhead.

Thanks Holger. I have no idea how all of this is going to work out. This is just the start of things but I can see your point about the need for some positive stuff. Will have to remember that as we move forward on this.

AWESOME story, Sparky!!!! That's definitely the best embarrassing low story I've ever heard, and you've outdone my personal best story by miles. I'm imagining your wife standing around naked, arguing with half the local police force. She must be an incredible lady!!

I think finding the humor in a low blood sugar incident goes a long way to finding/creating a positive side, since without that there's really very little to recommend it (okay, it can be a good excuse to eat stuff we usually have to forgo. There's another good side).

I AWLAYS wind up laughing at what I done when I was low. It's honestly funny if u look back on it from a "perfect person's" point of view! LOL!

That's hilarious. I don't have a low story that comes even close to being that dramatic. I'll see what I can do to write something up about my most embarrassing low, however. It would be fun to be included.

That was SO funny! Thanks for sharing your story.

Oh, the things I WISH I could blame on a hypo, for example:

The time at work when one of my male co-workers started really staring up and down my legs with a funny look on his face (which was starting to irritate me, "Hey, buddy, my eyes are up here!") and then he blurted out, "Are your pants on inside-out?"

Face red? Check! Run to restroom to switch my pants around? Check!

My wife is so much more than incredible. She is also up for Sainthood...she has put up with me for nearly 40 years.

Great story. I love 'diabubble' ;)