Most embarrassing d related moment?

Ok so I was curious if any of you have ever had any embarrassing diabetes related moments…I cant think of any cause its just too late at night for my brain to function…I’ll let you know when I think of one :slight_smile:

squirting blood over my face in public testing my bg

Passing out in public. Scary and confusing at the time, but embarrassing later.

Anytime I go low in front of people…

my tubing catching on to some guy at school when i was walking up the stairs and he was walking down. he gave me a very funny look…

ok now i have mine. it was when i was at skool and my pump tubing got caught on my cousin Wills backpack. i was like “umm…will…will…WILL!!!” he finally realized what was goin on about half way down the hallway and tried to turn around. which didnt work too well. i finally made him stop and unhooked myself.

lol i did that just the other day…

I apoligize but this is going to be a long one. And you have to remember I grew up in a very small town in the middle of nowhere.

Ok, after school one day in high school, 20+ years ago, I went low. I didn’t feel it come on and my sister couldn’t tell. I was old enough to have my license and had applied for a job. Got a call about an interview, but it had to be in the next few minutes. Here is where things get real fuzzy. We had plumbers working at the house, the plumbers helper was a classmate of mine. But we didn’t get along with. Anyway, I left for the interview, very low, as I don’t remember it at all. Apparently I took my classmates car, eating the candy bars he had on the front seat. We were selling candy bars for a fund raiser. I know this because I woke up 6 miles out of town next to a smoking car that wasn’t mine. This is long before cell phones in this area. It did not take long for the cop to show up, my dad had called them after my sis realized what had just happened. Apparently, I had driven at the 55MPH speed limit in 1st gear. I had totaled his car, ate about $12 worth of $1 candy bars and missed the interview. The sheriff didn’t didn’t prosecute anything as long as we could come to an agreement with my classmate and his folks. We paid for his car and the candy and he told everyone he met about what an idiot I was.

Years ago in elementary school, I was low at lunch. And decided ketchup would go great on my brownie!!! Also in elementary school during a fire drill I was sitting with the sixth graders…I was in 3rd grade!!!

I was the pastor of a church in Omaha, NE. I had been out making hospital calls when I went into a low daze. a couple hours later I was found by EMTs and transported to the hospital. However, by then the police had been called and the entire church had been notified via our prayer chain phone call. The message my wife left on the chain was, “Pastor is missing.” They say this is the only time the prayer chain made it all the way around. I was found parked in front of a tavern. I don’t drink.