"Hi New Team.... I'm Diabetic."

So I had my second meeting with my new sales team at Dell today. This meeting was about getting to know each other as a group as I am just now beginning to introduce myself to them. I just started managing 16 people and I’m sure they are sizing me up. :slight_smile: So, I accomplished a first… I told all of them I’m Diabetic! In the past I would let some know here and there when it came up- yada, yada. This time I decided it is me and a part of me, what makes me tick, and how I have to manage it. I explained how long I’ve had it, I take several insulin shots daily and they will probably see me take them. If anyone wanted to discuss diabetes or anything about me… I’m here for them. I really feel being a member of TuDiabetes helped with me having it all out there! And I feel it is important as they get to know the real Dana! I’m proud of being out there with it…

I haven’t yet announced myself that way…I realize how big a deal this is to come out publicly…to be comfortable with eveyone knowing about the “real Dana.” Congratulations.

Good luck in your new job.

Awesome! Way to go!