Emla cream - should it make him cry

on top of all the other issues this week
my son has been crying when i put them emla cream on
i don’t know - he’s three so maybe he’s just sensitive and feeling it “work” and not sure about the feeling
but its hard to listen to him say ouchy ouchy between tears when he’s never babyish you know

i don’t know

thoughts …

Is he showing any other signs of irritation with the cream? redness or sores? maybe he is saying ouch because he knows what is coming next?

Sometimes the area would get a little red on Rory, but I don’t recall him saying it hurt. Unless he is having a reaction to it maybe it is the thought of what is coming next.

I have never heard of EMLA cream hurting, but there are alternatives. Try numbing spray (link below). It freezes the area immediately and makes site changes a non issue.


I think you might need a script. Make sure you as for “fine spray Nozzle”. Works pretty well

no it doesn’t seem red or sore or anything … it seems to be just the sensation that bothers him, i’m going to try a different brand and see if that works - the last time i changed his set it wasn’t as bad … he complained and cried a bit but i got him to lie on his belly and play ds and once we did that he was distracted enough … thanks for the tip on the alternatives especially the numbing spray - i’ll give that a try too :slight_smile:

My 10 year old daughter uses the emla cream and says that after about 3 minutes from the time we put the cream on, she feels a “tingling sensation” that last about 1 - 2 minutes. After a couple minutes, the sensation goes away and she doesn’t feel anything else.

EMLA cream itself should not hurt. I’m guessing he is crying in anticipation of what’s coming; he knows a site change is coming and is crying in anticipation. We had one endo that told us to put on a “pea sized amount” which is incorrect; EMLA to be effective should be about half dollar size and is most effective 1.5 hours after putting it on. I know a child can still feel pinch trhough EMLA after 45 minutes so I would leave the EMLA on at least one hour. I think it’s a shame endos don’t make sure to prescribe EMLA with the very first site change and make sure the child is anesthesized before site change. I just feel any extra pain at all is totally unnecessary. Hope the EMLA works out well and your son can trust it and relax.