Help with Lidocain cream (EMLA)

We tried to use Lidocaine and prilocaine cream on my daughter to help with her inset change and the medicine burned. She was screaming for us to take it off. Has anyone experienced this? Is there an alternative cream?

wow, I’ve been using this stuff for more than 15 years, and I’ve never had any problem. I put about a teaspoon of it on, and cover with a dressing and leave it on for an hour or two before changing my infusion set. have you spoken to a pharmacist?

Ah, I feel like this is my fault since I recommended it to you! I feel so terrible! D:

I looked back through the forums…I’ve never had a problem with emla but from what I’m reading it sounds like sometimes young kids seem to feel a tingle to a burn? I agree with Marie please talk to a pharmacist or doctor about it. I’m pretty sure there are alternatives, numbing sprays and things like that, but since I haven’t used anything else I can’t really recommend em.

Absolutly not… I think we were just one of the unlucky ones this time. I really appreciate all of the advice and support!