So tell me, do emotions really effect bg#s?

I know stress does...

I haven't really noticed if it effects me with any other emotions I've felt, but stress (I have tested bgs during stressful times and am sure my bg readings go haywire because of it). So I suppose I should experiment and see.

Let's see, right now I'm hella angry... (it's a long story, and petty .. unfortunately) and am crossing my fingers that my bgs aren't high... UGH!

Absolutely- when I am angry or upset my bg spikes. The more relaxed I am, the better my sugars are, and when I’m happy I definitely stay lower. Stress and anger are my big trigger points.

Emotions, when they are strong enough to trigger a stress response in the body (such as production of cortisole, etc), will affect blood sugars, by elevating them.

Yup! Specially negative or unpleasant emotions like anger, fear, being anoyed, frustration, sadness…when significant, can cause stress and may increase blood sugar.

Oy, super … so then when I take my bg reading tonight it’s probably going to be high… grrrrrr…

Deep breathing!!! Bring that stress down before you take your bs. Seriously, the difference a few REAL deep breaths can do is amazing. Act like you are trying to blow over a house of cards. It WILL make a difference. Just make sure you aren’t standing near a house of cards…

Agree with Devon. Deep breathing…relax your muscles, talk with close friends or family, physical exercise, do an acivity that you like most (walking, music, etc) will help too.

I’ve been trying to find Tulsi Tea (from India) at health foods, as it’s an adaptagen – and it’s supposed to help the body increase it’s resistance to stress, fatigue, anxiety, and trauma… I might have to buy it online.

LOL – Well Im definitely doing the breathing excersizes, but it’s not entirely working the way I want it to…

And then there’s also the opposite of your BS affecting your emotions…
For me being stressed is also an emotional response …like when I’m busy but also burnt out and then easily annoyed by things…and then end up higher which makes me less calm…so a negative feedback.

hmmm… I didn’t think of it that way…

all the time to me. if i get into a heated arguement i can feel my sugars drop thru the floor.not an ideal way to control your highs.(wow looks like i’m the freak) hope your hella angry session has resolved itself

Danny- Maybe… you’re not diabetic…???

haha. just kiddin.

Yes Emotions do effect levels for sure.
I know when I am nervous or upset my levels do go down and always have my lovely hypo stops.lol