End of a pod, end of Apidra bottle and a hot tub

At the end of a pod and end of a vial of Apidra ( still less than 28 days) and kennedy sat outside a hot tub with her pod out of the tub ( but presumably still in some seriously hot steam) we had a correction not do much an I gave her a big correction and turned up her basal 20%. ( usually this works for the end of the pod phenomenon) she was 300 with moderate ketones a couple hours later and it took 12 hours after the pod change to get her sugar back down… I only mention to see who has had a similar experience and whether you notice insulin go bad from being around a hot tub, but not in it??

I haven't had an "in or near" the hot tub experience. Yesterday, we drove to St. Louis to party with my cousins and I spaced out and tossed my bag of pump supplies and insulin in the trunk of the car. When we got there, it was 105 degrees and the bag was pretty hot when I grabbed it out of the trunk so I was going 'oh, great, you fried all the backup insulin...'. I had enough juice in the tank to support the partying but knew I'd have to swap it out when I got back to the hotel in the evening, or early in the morning, as it turned out. I swapped it out at 12:52 AM (woo, party!) and, when I woke up, I was a bit apprehensive I'd be at 300 but it was a shade low so I had a high degree of confidence that the heat didn't phase the insulin at all. Not exactly the same experience but it makes me wonder if maybe the insulin is tougher than I've thought? I'm using Novolog too?

Heat can degrade insulin but I'm not sure how it would effect her insulin not being directly in the hot water. I know sometimes towards the end of a vial, my numbers will run a little higher. I have um cooked my insulin by using a heating pad and the heating pad kinda moving around and ending up right over my pump. My numbers yesterday were running kinda off all day, not dangerously high, but higher than normal..140's and just not budging much, BUT it was time to change the site anyway, and when I removed the site, it looks like it was in the process of getting a little bend in the cannula. That close to a pod change, I'd just change it out and start all over fresh, esp seeing numbers creeping up and not responding. I tossed out around 30+ units yesterday when I changed my set out after it not correcting well.

We don't pump, but I have a friend who uses omnipod, and she has told me she goes in hot tubs (and submerges pod) and hasn't had issues in the past.