Endo Recommendation in North County San Diego?

Hi, All…

We just saw our endo again today and, again today there were multiple logistical problems. The last three times we’ve been there we have spent 3 hours each time. From over-scheduling patients to either forgetting about us in the exam room or not even realizing we were in the exam room (for an hour and a half!) to sending off the wrong prescription to the mail-order pharmacy to rescheduling our appointment on short notice and not getting proper authorization from our insurance then asking me to sign a form saying I’d pay all charges if it wasn’t covered (yeah, because you didn’t do your job? Uh, no.). I’ve had it. So, I’m looking for a recommendation for a good pediatric endo in San Diego. Preferrably North County because, in addition to all of the problems above, each time we’ve gone we’ve driven 40 minutes to get there. Did I mention my daughter is 4? A squirmy 4? Not fun. Her actual endo is fine but what we have to go through is not. Anywhooo…any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Hi Cobi,

Just wanted to say never give up on finding the right doctor and always be mindful of the correct medicine consumption given to your child.

God Bless,

Thanks for the replies Ladies. I only have two choices anyway. We’ll keep doing the best we can regardless of what doc she sees. I was just hoping there was someone that didn’t actually make things harder to be a parent of a diabetic! LOL… I’ll keep my head up!